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DPVDeutscher Petanque Verband (German: German Petanque Association)
DPVDiver Propulsion Vehicle
DPVDelivery Point Validation (USPS system)
DPVDelivery Point Validation
DPVDigital Photo Viewer
DPVDelegated Path Validation
DPVDirectplay Voice
DPVDrill Press Vise
DPVDépartement de la Protection des Végétaux (French: Department of Plant Protection)
DPVDiscounted Present Value (finance)
DPVDrug Profile Viewer (eHealth Ontario; Canada)
DPVDifferential Pulse Voltammetry (AfterMath)
DPVDesert Patrol Vehicle
DPVDelivery Point Verification
DPVDynamically Positioned Vessel
DPVDirect Payment Voucher
DPVDaily Production Volume (measurement; various countries)
DPVDirection de la Prospective et de la Veille Scientifique et Technique (Directorate of Forecasting and Scientific and Technical Intelligence)
DPVDry Pipe Valve (fire sprinkler systems)
DPVDuty Paid Value (economics)
DPVDifferential Pressure Valve
DPVDiesel Powered Vehicle
DPVDoppler Predict Voltage
DPVDoubs Paintball Village (Doubs, France)
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Cash flows are sorted by their discounted present value.
The cost of non-healthcare-related termination benefits for which the benefit terms establish an obligation to pay specific amounts on fixed or determinable dates should be measured at the discounted present value of expected future benefit payments (including an assumption regarding changes in future cost levels during the periods covered by the employer's commitment to provide the benefits).
Second and more importantly, the monopolistically competitive firm bases its decision to change price on a comparison of the menu costs either with the change in single-period profit, or with the discounted present value of the changes in all future profits, depending upon whether it perceives the aggregate demand shock to be temporary or permanent.
PVHt = Discounted present value of optimal harvest at time t
Accordingly, the decision to migrate from area i to area j requires that the net discounted present value of the move from area i to area j, DPVij, be both (a) positive and (b) the maximum net discounted present value that can be expected by moving out of area i into any other known alternative.
A company's value is based on its current earnings plus the discounted present value of its future earnings.
Not if a studio spends $2 billion to produce a library with a discounted present value of $1 billion," he declared.
The discounted present value following the increase in rental values is
Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs), for example, allow current gifts of a future interest at a discounted present value.
The discounted present value of future earnings, PV, is computed using equation four and involves a nonlinear function of the earnings growth rate and interest rate.
Clean water benefits include present use value, present existence value, and the discounted present value of generation 2's existence values.
28 billion, in nominal terms, during the first five years after introduction of the new coin and would average about $456 million per year, in real discounted present value terms, over the assumed thirty-year life of the $1 coin.