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DZAlgeria (TLD country abbreviation)
DZDoppelzimmer (German: Double Room)
DZDrop Zone
DZDelta Zeta (sorority)
DZDrizzle (weather)
DZDeutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank (German Bank; was until 2001: DG)
DZDigital Zoom
DZDimension Zero (band)
DZDead Zone
DZDanger Zone
DZDouzaine (French: dozen)
DZDemilitarized Zone (usually seen as DMZ)
DZDiscovery Zone
DZDoctor Zhivago (novel, movie)
DZDropping Zone
DZDark Zone
DZDoppelzentner (unit of measure)
DZDefense Zone
DZDenuded Zone
DZDamien Zygote (musician)
DZDonau Zentrum (German: Danube Shopping Center)
DZDarkztar (website)
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The self-employed businessman brings his son to the Discovery Zone in West Hills almost daily.
The discovery zone comprises two interactive screens (65" and 22" full HD screens) to search for properties across localities and to shortlist projects.
Whether young or old, the STEM Education Discovery Zone will be an incredible spectacle to behold amidst the excitement of the Air Races.
Assortments tied to emerging areas such as connected health, sleep/mood and immunity are merchandised in the discovery zones, which feature easy navigation through educational displays.
An updated measured and indicated mineral resource estimate for the Discovery Zone is 91,000 tonnes grading 12.
The celebrations will continue over the weekend of July 23 and 24, with Mini-Beast Handling sessions in the Discovery Zone.
Most of the festival's events are free but should be booked in advance, however booking is not needed for the Discovery Zone.
RungePincockMinarco LLC is completing a mineral resource estimate for the Discovery Zone and Union North.
Along with the exhibition is an interactive discovery zone where visitors can handle original fossils including giant leg bones, skulls and dinosaur eggs.
Reviewed at Discovery Zone Luxembourg City Film Festival (Home Discovery), March 5, 2012.
Little Writers Inc will meet every other Tuesday between 3pm and 5pm at the Discovery Zone, Newport Museum and Art Gallery, John Frost Square, Newport.