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DTDonald Trump
DTDefensive Tackle (football)
DTDifference in Time
DTData Type
DTDistrito Federal (Federal District of Brazil)
DTDelay Time
DTDrug Therapy
DTDesign Technology
DTDeep Throat
DTDetroit Tigers
DTDorchester (postcode, United Kingdom)
DTDivision of Training
DTDriver Training
DTDouble Team (gaming)
DTDouble Trouble
DTDiamond Tiara (My Little Pony)
DTDream Theater (band)
DTDigital Thermometer (various companies)
DTDouble Tap (weapons)
DTDeutsche Telekom
DTDavid Tennant (actor)
DTDocumentation and Training
DTDestructive Testing
DTData Terminal
DTDirt Track (Yamaha)
DTDew Point Temperature
DTDigital Television (used in TV callsign)
DTDolan Twins (clothing brand)
DTDirect TV
DTDynasty Tactics (video game)
DTDetention (school)
DTDinner Time
DTDouble Time (on overtime forms)
DTData Transmission
DTdouble take
DTDisplay Technology
DTDiphtheria-Tetanus (vaccination)
DTDrunk Tank
DTDark Tower (book series)
DTDual Tone
DTDuct Tape
DTDecision Tree
DTDouble-Throw (switch)
DTDial Tone
DTdog trainer
DTDragon Tales (TV show)
DTDaemon Tools
DTDance Team
DTDirect Transmission
DTDouble Top (trading Markets; stocks, bonds, commodities)
DTDeuteronomy (book of the Bible)
DTDevil Trigger (gaming, Devil May Cry)
DTDirector Técnico (soccer coach)
DTDead Time
DTDiscus Throw
DTDisruptive Technologies
DTDigital Terminal
DTDoing Time
DTDisplacement Transducer
DTDrive Tire
DTDistance Transform
DTDoubting Thomas
DTDifferential Transformer
DTDrunken Tiger (band)
DTDisplay Terminal
DTDouble Torsion
DTDetention Time
DTDelirium Tremens
DTDelaunay Triangulation
DTDevelopment Type
DTDetection Time
DTDrug Tariff
DTDecay Time
DTDifference Threshold
DTDark Tranquillity (band)
DTDomain Theory
DTDouble Transfer (philately)
DTDietetic Technician
DTDistribution Terminal
DTDirectional Transmission
DTDrive Tube
DTDwell Time
DTDragon Tails (webcomic)
DTDark Templar (Starcraft gaming organization)
DTDarktide (gaming, Asheron's Call)
DTDevelopmental Training
DTDevelopmental Therapist (various organizations)
DTDetection Threshold
DTData Track
DTDay Tripper (Beatles song)
DTDouble Tagging (LAN Switching)
DTDark Tournament (Yu Yu Hakusho, gaming)
DTDeath Trap (gaming)
DTDisplaced Threshold
DTDunk Tank
DTDeep Trench (bipolar junction transistors)
DTDavid Tao (Chinese singer)
DTDynamic Tracking
DTDark Throne
DTDragontown (music album)
DTDucktales (cartoon)
DTDemonstration Test
DTDiagnosis Tree
DTDesign Transfer
DTDecision Technology (choices)
DTDialog Telekom PLC (Sri Lanka)
DTTAAG - Linhas Aereas de Angola (IATA airline code)
DTDecreasing Term (insurance)
DTDrag Turn (marching band)
DTDr. Thunder (band)
DTDeath Touch (gaming clan)
DTDynamic Targeting
DTDelivery Ticket
DTDetailed Tasks
DTDeduction Theorem
DTDeclaration of Taking (property)
DTDesign Tolerance
DTDeseret Towers (BYU student housing)
DTDemonic Tutor (gaming, Magic the Gathering)
DTDraco Trilogy (fanfiction)
DTDynamic Tear/Test
DTDick Togs
DTDoctor Theologiae (Latin: Doctor of Divinity, Codices and Manuscripts)
DTDangerous Truths (fanfiction, novel by Anne Walsh)
DTDesign Trainee
DTDark Tavern (web forum)
DTDeletion Threshold
DTDedham Times (Dedham, Massachusetts)
DTDirectly Tunable
DTDeployment Transaction
DTDevelopment Test/ing
DTDevelopment/al Test/ing
DTDegrees Twaddle (measurement of brine density)
DTDecision-Related Tracker
DTDharga Town (Sri Lanka)
DTDisability Taskforce (Australian Computer Society)
DTDedit Testamento (Latin: He/She Left Through Will, epigraphy)
DTDay/Daytime Television
DT(USN Rating) Dental Technician
DTDynamic Truths (band)
DTDirectorate for MASINT(Measurement and Signature Intelligence) and Technical Collection (US DoD; Defense Intelligence Agency)
DTDharma Tech (Salt Lake City, UT)
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Alireza Ghaleh Nasseri, Jalil Bagheri and Hamed Amiri of Iran stood on all three podiums of men's discus throw class of F54/55/56 garnering the gold, silver, and bronze medals of the filed.
Swat with two gold medal in shot put and discus throw and three silver medals in Javelin throw, 100m, and shot put and three bronze medals secured 50 points, followed by District Shangla with two gold medal in 100m and shot put and one silver medal in discus throw secured 27 points while Dir Upper got third position with one silver medal and a bronze medal in Javelin throw recorded 13 points.
respective 'houses', 200 children competed in eight events: standA[degrees] ing long jump, discus throw, vorA[degrees] tex throw, shot put, over and under body ball pass, football relay, target throw and zigzag relay.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- Defending champion Ashton Eaton from the United States was on a world record course after seven events in the decathlon, garnering 6,451 points after the discus throw on Saturday morning.
However, Seema Punia, the women's discus throw champion from last year's Incheon Asian Games, was left out due to poor fitness.
Jalal stated that they have high hopes on a number of competitions at the games like 400m hurdles, 200m and 100m, in addition to shot put and discus throw.
His discus throw of 47.03m was the best for his age group in the UK this year, while he won the shot putt with 12.59, also a PB.
Employees competed in two Olympic Games--the Discus Throw and a Water Relay Race.
London: Mission of Saudi Sports for People with Special Needs concluded here today its participation in competitions of London 2012 Paralympics Games with achieving silver medal in the competition of men's discus throw.
Britain won three more bronzes in the stadium - Robin Womack in the F54/55/56 shot put, Claire Williams in the F11/12 discus throw and Gemma Prescott in the F31/32/51 club throw.
: Krishna Poonia threw a brilliant of 63.54m at the Women's Discus Throw qualification event on Friday to qualify for the final.
Michael Klatsias won the gold medal at discus throw with a 57.07 meters shot, Michalis Klatsias won the silver medal in shot put with a 18.50m shot.