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"All of Starr's claims are dismissed with prejudice, with the exception of Starr's takings claim, which was withdrawn, and which is therefore dismissed without prejudice.
When a case is dismissed with prejudice, it can't be refiled.
Myers, 46, of Braintree, charged with larceny over $250, dismissed with prejudice.
As of 29 June, approximately 2,900 additional cases have been dismissed by order or agreement and approximately 1,825 of those cases have been dismissed with prejudice. The only jury trial to date resulted in a defence verdict in favour of AstraZeneca, the company said.
The judge dismissed with prejudice, calling the tweet too vague to meet the standard of defamation under Illinois law.
"We are gratified the appeals court upheld the finding that the BX Velocity and Cypher stents infringe our patent and the patent is valid, and we are pleased the infringement claims against the TAXUS Liberte stent were dismissed with prejudice," said Jim Tobin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boston Scientific.
Rakoff ruled that the "promissory estoppel" claim, a very significant portion of the pharmaceutical company's lawsuit against the Red Cross, was "dismissed with prejudice. "The judge's ruling also means that J&J cannot refile arguments on this claim.
As Denlow discusses, the United States Supreme Court provided instructions for a court to retain jurisdiction to enforce a settlement agreement after the underlying claims are dismissed with prejudice in Kokkonen v Guardian Life Ins Co, 511 US 375 (1994).
29, in lieu of a new trial, the parties have stipulated to a judgment of no liability in favor of either side, and the action has been dismissed with prejudice. Details: Leann Vandergrift/Lisa Boyette.
Under Shaw's agreement, all claims against Shaw and its affiliates were dismissed with prejudice and the company agreed to pay to the plaintiff classes an aggregate settlement amount of $27.5 million, including attorneys' fees and costs.
Federal court, Jurisline's antitrust, copyright, and Lanham Act claims against Reed Elsevier Inc., which were centered on Reed Elsevier's LEXIS databases of court opinions and statutes, were dismissed with prejudice, thus Jurisline may not raise this issue against Reed Elsevier in court again.
The parties caused the pending federal lawsuit to be dismissed with prejudice and without cost to any party thereto.