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DISODistrict Internal Security Officer (Uganda)
DISODefense Intelligence Support Office (US DoD)
DISODepartmental Individual Standing Offer (Public Works and Government Services Canada)
DISODefence Information Services Organization
DISODual-Input/Single-Output (mechanical engineering)
DISODesperately in Search Of (game trading forums)
DISODivision Information Security Officer (various companies)
DISODistrict Information Systems Office (Florida)
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# Encouraging the residential occupation of empty spaces above shops as this has been proved to cut town centre diso rd e r.
In other words, alcohol use or withdrawal may "prompt" bipolar diso rder symptoms (Tohen et al.
KIRK, MAKING US CRAZY: DSM, THE PSYCHIATRIC BIBLE AND THE CREATION OF MENTAL DISO RDERS (1997) (noting the proliferation of categories of psychiatric illness in recent years).
The suicide theory was based on a letter he left behind in which there were "traces of mental diso rder."
This sum would include $99 million for expanding studies on the origins and progression of disease, medical genetics, prevention strategies, and the biology of brain diso rders.
Among them were the following: a .32-bit Modula-2 processor, Kronos and a highly programmable workstation, Kronos 2.6WS; an object-oriented workstation, PIRS; a modular operating system, Excelsior; a user-friendly Modula-2 programming system; a problem-oriented language, Polar for CAD systems; a silicon compiler Lotos; an intelligent software environment, PRIZ for PCs (available now also on the Western software market); a natural language interface, ZAPSIB; a production rule-based software factory, SEMP-TEC; a subdefinite knowledge base MEMO-TEC; an interactive optimization package, DISO; an integrated environment for office automation, Master with a text editor, Lexicon which is very popular now in the USSR.
We consider two semantic types of UMLS CUI regarding CHEM and DISO for drug and event entities, respectively.
Tenders are invited for Weighing Controller, Make- Schenck Process, Type: Diso Box Plus Spil Mat Code- V081001.B01
Una muestra de dicha diversidad, de la frecuencia de siembra y del cultivo en la region se presenta en el cuadro 1, que contiene una sintesis de investigaciones previas realizadas en la region de estudio en el marco de acompanamientos al equipo de facilitadores tseltales de las Unidades de Desarrollo Sustentable (DISO) y Medios de Sustentabilidad (MESUBYET) del Centro de Derechos Indigenas (CEDIAC) en Chilon (ver cuadro 1).
(47) But if the area where the death occured had not yet been planted, it was left fallow, thought to belong to the deceased (bagian diso).
Diso et al., "Nanocrystalline Ti[O.sub.2] based films onto fibers for photocatalytic degradation of organic dye in aqueous solution," Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol.
Feliciano Diso, Philex community relations manager, said that while the discharge from Philex's Tailings Storage Facility No.