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67Disorderly Person(s) (Alabama public safety radio code)
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He therefore led the party briskly on, avoiding with a merciful prudence the more public and crowded thoroughfares, and pursuing those which he deemed least likely to be infested by disorderly persons. This wise proceeding not only enabled them to gain their quarters without any interruption, but completely baffled a body of rioters who had assembled in one of the main streets, through which it was considered certain they would pass, and who remained gathered together for the purpose of releasing the prisoner from their hands, long after they had deposited him in a place of security, closed the barrack-gates, and set a double guard at every entrance for its better protection.
Under the new legislation, possession of electronic smoking devices by persons under 21 years of age in New Jersey would be punishable by a fine as a petty disorderly person's offense.
An emergency landing had to be undertaken by another pilot due to a "drunken and disorderly person aboard".
'This is a disorderly person who shouts at the chair.
Police and jail records indicate that after officers were called to handle a report of a disorderly person in the 3400 block of Onyx Street at 2:43 a.m.
by officers Christopher Willoughby, Brian O'Malley and Richard Welch and charged with being a disorderly person, subsequent offense, disturbing the peace, malicious/wanton destruction and breaking and entering in the nighttime to commit a felony.
A similar Arizona bill states it's "unlawful for a person to use drones to monitor other persons inside their homes or places of worship," while a New Jersey bill states that anyone with a drone "is guilty of a disorderly person's offense."
You do get the odd drunk and disorderly person and the litter associated with nights out, but by and large the crime has not spilled over to our homes.
SHOCK rocker Marilyn Manson pleaded no contest yesterday to being a disorderly person and assault and battery on one of his staff.
Each has been charged with being a disorderly person and disturbing the peace.
Disorderly person: 11:42 a.m., 100 block South 14th Street.
"Every person wandering abroad, or placing himself or herself in any public place, street, highway, court, or passage, to beg or gather alms" shall be deemed an idle and disorderly person within the true intent and meaning of this Act.