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DODirector of Operations
DOData Object
DODoctor of Osteopathy
DODay Off
DOData Out
DODue Out
DODelivery Order
DODistrict Office
DODriver Only (train operated by the driver only)
DODirect Object
DODuty Officer
DODigital Output
DODesign Overview
DODevelopment Officer
DODirector Officer
DODominican Republic
DODesk Officer (NYPD)
DODiário Oficial (Official Gazette; Brazil)
DODistributed Object
DODistrict Officer
DODissolved Oxygen
DODivision Officer
DODornier (German aircraft manufacturer)
DODrawing Office
DODoctor of Osteopathic Medicine
DODetention Officer
DODesignated Official
DODesign Objective
DODoctor of Obstetrics
DODiscrete Output
DODistributed Operations
DODeportation Order
DODisaster Operations (US FEMA)
DODepartmental Offices
DODenominacion de Origen (general identification for Spanish wines)
DODisbursing Officer
DOOperations Directorate (NIMA)
DODispensing Optician
DODirectorate of Operations (US CIA)
DODivision Operator
DODigital Orthophoto (FEMA)
DODivisional Officer
DOOmbudsmannen mot Etnisk Diskriminering (the Swedish national ombudsman for issues on ethnic discrimination)
DODiffractive Optics (camera lenses technology)
DODetermination Order (workers compensation claims)
DODefense Order
DODommages Ouvrage (French: Work Damage)
DODesktop Originator
DODisciplined Oscillator
DODistrict Overseer (Jehovah's Witnesses)
DODisbursement Order
DOOperational Dependability
DODrift Orbit
DODonk Out (poker)
DODisbursing Order
DODiode Outline
DODisto-Occlusal (dentistry)
DODistortion Offset
DODark One (Wheel of Time series)
DODoctor of Otolaryngology
DODiatomic Orbital
DODefined Order
DOUS Duty Officer
DODaily Orange (Syracuse University student newspaper; New York)
DODawson and Oberman (plasmas)
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The report showed that samples collected near One Constitution Avenue had extremely low levels of dissolved oxygen which was lethal for sensitive aquatic life.
Many bacteria contain enzyme systems in cytoplasmic-membranes that efficiently reduce dissolved oxygen to water.
Recently, researchers have been experimenting with animal-borne dissolved oxygen meters, which includes deploying animals such as elephant seals with dissolved oxygen sensors that allow real-time remote tracking of dissolved oxygen concentration of these water bodies with high accuracy.
In recent years, many researches have focused on dissolved oxygen (DO) content prediction and obtained great achievements.
Other possible contributors to the low dissolved oxygen level were sewage discharges from houses, commercial establishments, and poultry and swine farms along the tributaries of the Pampanga River, the report said.
BG01 gives guidance on complying with the recommended guideline BS EN 12953 Part 10 that deals with water quality and defines maximum levels of impurities including dissolved oxygen.
Dissolved Oxygen -- the most important parameter -- was found to be nil at seven sites, George said.
The result is higher-than-expected dissolved oxygen levels, which may skew research results due to cellular behavior reflective of adaptation to abnormal oxygen concentrations.
American Water's MBR project, valued at USD365,777, will focus on the operation of advanced MBRs under low dissolved oxygen (DO) conditions to maximize nitrogen removal, using continuous online analyzers.
The only exceptions were total hardness (in one of the sites) and dissolved oxygen (Figure 4).
al in 1999 developed a model for determining the concentration of dissolved oxygen in bubble column [1].
Dissolved oxygen concentrations, temperature, salinity and presences of other metals may also modify metals toxicity to the fish (Witeska and Jezierska, 2003).