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DAFDeutsch Als Fremdsprache (German: German as a Foreign Language)
DAFDissolved Air Flotation (separation technology)
DAFDomestic Abuse Forum (various locations)
DAFDecay Accelerating Factor
DAFDirection de l'Agriculture et de la Forêt (French: Department of Agriculture and Forestry)
DAFDuck Athletic Fund (Oregon)
DAFDonor Advised Fund
DAFDelivered At Frontier (shipping)
DAFDirection Administrative et Financière (French: Administrative and Financial Department; various locations)
DAFDelayed Auditory Feedback
DAFDeutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front)
DAFDie Attach Film (adhesive)
DAFDiamonds Are Forever (James Bond Movie)
DAFDirectory Authentication Framework
DAFDoorne'S Automobiel Fabriken
DAFDistributed Application Facility
DAFDistributed Access Framework
DAFDirection des Affaires Financières
DAFDeutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (German American Friendship)
DAFDevelopment Assistance Framework (UN)
DAFDansk Atletik Forbund (Denmark)
DAFDepartment of the Air Force
DAFDiretoria de Assuntos Fundiários (Portuguese: Directorate of Land Affairs; Brazil)
DAFDesert Air Force
DAFDays After Flowering
DAFDevice Assembly Facility
DAFDecay-Accelerating Factor for Complement
DAFDestination Address Field
DAFDanish Air Force
DAFDynamic Amplification Factor
DAFDistrict Aisne Football (French: Aisne District Football; Aisne, France)
DAFData Automation France (France)
DAFVan Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek (Dutch automobile manufacturer, post 1949 name)
DAFDepartment of Agriculture and Fisheries
DAFData Acquisition Facility
DAFData Access Facility
DAFData Analysis Facility (NASA)
DAFDiffusion Ameublement Fabrique (French furniture company)
DAFDepartamento de Assistência Farmacêutica e Insumos Estratégicos (Brasil)
DAFDeparture Airfield
DAFDry and Ash Free (coal)
DAFDistributed Application Framework
DAFDogwood Arts Festival
DAFVan Doorne's Aanhangwagen Fabriek (Dutch automobile manufacturer, pre 1949 name)
DAFDilution and Attenuation Factor
DAFDysautonomia-Associated Fatigue
DAFDecode and Forward
DAFDirectory Access Function
DAFDefence Architecture Framework (Australian military)
DAFDivorced Asian Female
DAFDemographic Adjustment Factor
DAFDirect Aerial Fire
DAFData Archive Facility
DAFDenver Animal Foundation (Denver, Colorado)
DAFDirectory Address Field (Centrex telelphone system)
DAFDuplicate Address File
DAFDisciplinary Action Form (human resources)
DAFDocument Allocation File
DAFDestination Address Filter(ing)
DAFDesign Amplification Factor
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JWC is a leading provider of highly engineered, mission-critical solids reduction and removal products such as grinders, screens, and dissolved air flotation system for municipal, industrial and commercial wastewater applications.
JWC is a provider of highly engineered solids reduction and removal products such as grinders, screens, and dissolved air flotation system for municipal, industrial and commercial wastewater applications.
Internationally reputed for its Stainless Steel API oil/water separators and Dissolved Air Flotation units (DAF/DNF) SUEZ' poseidon product line considerably reinforced its position in the region over the last decade.
Rubio, "Removal of sulfate ions by dissolved air flotation (DAF) following precipitation and flocculation," International Journal of Mineral Processing, vol.
Aquatech also supplied dissolved air flotation technology to protect the plant from seasonal red tides - also known as harmful algal blooms (HABs), which can cause a number of problems from affecting the taste and odor of the water to restricting plant operations or even shutting down a desalination plant.
Their paper, "Separating Oil-Water Nanoemulsions Using Flux-Enhanced Hierarchical Membranes," pointed out: "A variety of techniques have been implemented in industry, including gravity separation, skimming, and dissolved air flotation.
Evaluation of a Dissolved Air Flotation System for Different Operating Conditions
Aquamatic, leading UK manufacturer of automatic wastewater sampling equipment, have supplied an outdoor, temperature-controlled, MCERTs Certified wastewater sampler system to Patak's Foods, where it is being used to help monitor effective effluent treatment through Patak's recently installed Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant.
Included in these technologies are two of interest: Recirculation and Source Reduction through Process Optimization, and Precipitation with Sulphides followed by Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF).
It includes building a new dissolved air flotation plant to provide improvements to the current water treatment processes.
The upgrade included the adoption of new advanced water techniques such as the CoCoDAFF (counter-current dissolved air flotation and filtration) system, which offers the enhanced solids separation capability of dissolved air flotation, while providing the cost benefits of DAF and granular media filtration--all within the same footprint.
In addition to the core reverse osmosis plant, the scope of supply consists of the seawater intake, dissolved air flotation, ultrafiltration, and post treatment packages, it stated.