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These procedures included finger metacarpophalangeal joint arthroplasty using a Swanson silicone implant in five cases, arthrodesis of thumb metacarpophalangeal or interphalangeal joints in four, arthrodesis of finger proximal interphalangeal or distal interphalangeal joints in four, extensor tendon transfer in three, and synovectomy of the finger metacarpophalangeal joint in two cases.
At one year follow-up, after surgery and radiotherapy, the patient presented stiffness in the active flexion of the proximal and distal interphalangeal joints of the fourth right digit.
Patient could move the fingers but some restriction of movement was noted at the distal interphalangeal joint of the left index finger.
The most common locations of arthritis pain in the hands are at the base of the thumb, where the thumb and wrist come together (also known as the basal joint), at the end joint closest to the finger tip (the distal interphalangeal joint), and at the middle joint of a finger (the proximal interphalangeal joint).
Palpation of the A1 pulley and joint play of the distal interphalangeal joint reproduced/exacerbated the reported pain.
Response of the adductor pollicis muscle was recorded with the transducer fixed over the distal interphalangeal joint of the thumb after train-of-four (TOF) of the ulnar nerve with supramaximal current (50 to 60 mA, 0.2 ms, 2 Hz) every 15s.
Active ROM of the reconstructed fingers was evaluated as 71.6[degrees] (65[degrees]-80[degrees]) for the metacarpophalangeal joint, 83.2[degrees] (74[degrees]-94[degrees]) for the proximal interphalangeal joint and 70.5[degrees] (64[degrees]-77[degrees]) for the distal interphalangeal joint. Almost full active ROM was obtained in all the reconstructed fingers.
TABLE 2 Static 2-point discrimination for hand and wrist (14,15) Distance in mm Location Normal Diminished Absent Distal to DIPJ 3-5 6-10 10+ Between DIPJ and PIPJ 3-6 7-10 10+ Central palm 6-9 10-20 20+ Base of palm and wrist 7-10 11-20 20+ DIPJ, distal interphalangeal joint; PIPJ, proximal interphalangeal joint.
The range of motion of her finger was significantly limited due to pain and swelling: 0-10 degrees in proximal interphalangeal joint, 0-15 degrees in distal interphalangeal joint, and 0-30 degrees in metacarpophalangeal joint.
To achieve an excellent wing block, initially inject just 0.1-0.2 mL of anesthetic fluid subcutaneously into the proximal nail fold midway between the cuticle and the distal interphalangeal joint. Wait for a wheal to form; then wait an additional 45-60 seconds.
Here we are presenting a case which had distal interphalangeal joint and dorsal aspect, which is a rare entity.
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