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This proposed Kalbani station is situated between Khed and Diwankhawati stations of Konkan Railway in Ratnagiri district and will further reduce the distance between stations from present 17.
With an average distance between stations of 35 km, the shinkansen attracts large numbers of commuters, and also caters to shorter distance commuters with its variety of shinkansen trains, such as Nozomi, Hikari and Kodama.
For any node remaining in coverage area, distance between stations should not exceed 500m.
More importantly, however, Neda stressed that locating the common station in Trinoma would not achieve the stated goal of "closing the loop" between the MRT3 and LRT1 lines, since this setup would require commuters to walk a considerable distance between stations, similar to the distance between the MRT3 and LRT2 stations in Cubao (which has been the subject of many complaints from commuters).
Because the distance between stations is fixed, the technique allowed researchers to detect very tiny changes in seismic velocity.
If your planned altitude is between 14,500 feet and 18,000 feet and your route will be between high-altitude-class VOR stations, the maximum distance between stations is 200 nautical miles.
The distance between stations means a victim is faced with a prolonged wait until their torment comes to an end.
Equally problematic is the short distance between stations.
Solve for half of the unknown distance between station B and station C, and double this answer to find the distance between stations B & C.
A reduction in the distance between stations (or, equivalently, a reduction in travel costs) equates to an increase in the number of consumers who will defect to the competitor for a given price increase.
Japanese railway officials said their bullet-train control technology is better suited to China's planned high-speed railway because the average distance between stations in China is, like Japan, shorter than in Europe.
Rail and subway ticket prices in Tokyo vary depending on the distance between stations, and commuters unfamiliar with the area must consult maps above the ticket vending machines.
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