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DVMDoctor of Veterinary Medicine
DVMDigital Voltmeter
DVMData over Voice Multiplexer
DVMDevice Monitor
DVMDynamic Voltage Management
DVMDos Virtual Machine
DVMDigital Volt Meter
DVMDistance Vector Multicast (routing)
DVMDigital Video Manager
DVMDet Virtuelle Musikbibliotek (Danish: Virtual Music Library)
DVMDiel Vertical Migration
DVMDaily Vehicle Miles
DVMDigital Variable Multi
DVMDivisional Veterinary Manager
DVMDigital Visual Messaging
DVMDistributed Virtual Machine
DVMDigital Voice Module
DVMDesign Verification Matrix
DVMData/Voice Multiplexer
DVMDrouot Vosges Maintenance (French mechanical engineering firm)
DVMDynamic Virtual Machine
DVMDiscrete Variational Method
DVMData Volume Management
DVMDiploma in Veterinary Medicine
DVMDivision of Vertebrate Morphology
DVMData Verification Module
DVMDNET: Virtual Machine
DVMOptic Disk, Retinal Vessels and Macula (ophthalmology)
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Wan Ports, Along With 4 Nos Cab Ss V35 Mt Smart Serial Cable For Wan Card Router, List Router Protocols Support: Protocols Ipv4, Ipv6 Static Route, Open Shortest Path, First Ospf Enhanced Igrp Eigrp Border Gateway Protocol Bgp Router Reflector, Intermediate System To Intermediate System Is-Is Multicast Internet Group Management,Protocal Igmpv3 Protocal Independent Multicast Spares Mode Pimsm Pim Source Specific Muilticast Ssm Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol Dvmrp Ips Ec, Generie Routing Encapsulation Gre Bi-Directional Forwarding, Detection Bvd Ipv To Ipv6 Multicast, Mpls 12Tpv3, 802 Lag 802.
Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP) is a distance vector protocol, used in the MBone (Multicast Backbone), and originally was derived from the RIP (Routing Information Protocol) unicast routing protocol.
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