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DVRDigital Video Recorder
DVRDigital Video Recording
DVRDover (Amtrak station code; Dover, DE)
DVRDigital Voice Recorder
DVRDomestic Violence Report (law enforcement)
DVRDevice Driver (File Name Extension)
DVRDivision of Vocational Rehabilitation
DVRDirect Volume Rendering (collection of methods for volume visualization)
DVRDistance Vector Routing (network protocol)
DVRDouble-Valve Replacement (medical)
DVRDistance Vector Routing
DVRDvd Video Recorder
DVRDynamic Voltage Restorer
DVRDistributed Virtual Routing (computer networking)
DVRDistributed Virtual Reality (computer networking)
DVRDivision of Vital Records
DVRDatenverarbeitungsregisternummer (German: Data processing register; Austria)
DVRDésobstruction des Voies Respiratoires (French: Clearing of Respiratory Tract)
DVRDeep Vibes Recordings (record label)
DVRData Verification Record
DVRDynamic Voltage Regulator
DVRDesign Verification Report
DVRData Validation Review
DVRDelay Variance Routing Protocol
DVRDetailed Verification Requirement
DVRDeutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat eV
DVRDual Voltage Relay (electrical equipment)
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The Destination Sequenced distance vector routing protocol is a proactive routing protocol which is a medications of conventional Bellman-Ford routing algorithm.
Multicast operation of the ad-hoc on-demand distance vector routing protocol.
Meddahi, "Predictive Preemptive Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing," Malaysian Journal of Computer Science, Vol.
On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocols Recently, on-demand routing protocols for ad-hoc networks are demanded because of their low routing overheads and effectiveness in the case of the frequency of route re-establishment and the demand of route queries are not high.
We propose a general, simple and practical technique, named Distributed Leafs Pruning (DLP), which can be combined with every distance vector routing algorithm based on shortest paths, allowing to reduce the total number of messages sent by that algorithm.
The history of VANET routing protocols starts with MANET routing protocols such as Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector routing (AODV) [2], Dynamic Source Routing [3] etc.
We have, for example, DSR (Dynamic Source Routing protocol) and AODV (Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing protocol) and we choose the on-demand routing protocol to apply our scheme.
The Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector routing protocol (AODV) is an improvement of the Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector routing protocol (DSDV).
It includes chapters on routing and packet forwarding, static routing, dynamic routing and distance vector routing protocols, RIP, VLSM and CIDR, the routing table, EIGRP, link-state routing protocols, and OSPF.
AODV [44], [33] is a distance vector routing protocol that operates reactively to reduce overhead finding routes only on demand.
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