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DDFSDouble Dynamic Focus System
DDFSDirect Digital Frequency Synthesizer (aka Digital Direct-Frequency Synthesizer)
DDFSDigital Document Filing System (software)
DDFSDistant Disease-Free Survival
DDFSDigital Direct-Frequency Synthesizer (aka Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer)
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Residual Disease in Breast and Nodes (RDBN) response in relation to distant disease-free survival (A) and overall survival (B) by age-adjusted Kaplan-Meier survival analysis.
The same trends seen in disease-free survival were noted in terms of the end point of 4-year distant disease-free survival.
Disease-free survival was improved by 69%, distant disease-free survival by 72%, and contralateral breast cancer by 77%.
Those 27 patients had a 10-year distant disease-free survival rate of 89%, compared with 64% in the 142 patients classified by MammaPrint as having a high genomic risk.
Disease-free survival and distant disease-free survival also were not significantly different between groups.
The most recent analysis of the ATAC data, representing a median 68 months of follow-up, showed significant improvements in disease-free survival, recurrence-free survival, and distant disease-free survival in those receiving anastrozole.