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DDIDidanosine (aka Videx; antiretroviral drug)
DDIData Documentation Initiative
DDIDevelopment Dimensions International, Inc.
DDIDirection et Développement Informatique (French: Management and Software Development)
DDIDedicated Display Interface
DDIDisplay Driver Interface
DDIDisk Doubler Image
DDIDigital Data Interchange
DDIDirect Data Interface
DDIDistributed Data Interface
DDIDirect Draw Interface
DDIData Distribution Initiative
DDIDisk Dupe Image
DDIDevice Driver Interface
DDIDéclaration des Droits de l'Internaute (French: Declaration of Internet Rights)
DDIDirect Dialing In
DDIDrug-Drug Interaction
DDIDiplôme de Docteur Ingénieur (French: Doctorate of Engineering; various universities)
DDIData Design Interactive (video game developer; UK)
DDIDansk Døve-Idrætsforbund
DDIDesign Driven Innovation (networking blog)
DDIDirect Debit Instruction (UK finance & banking term)
DDIDevelopment, Design and Implementation (various organizations)
DDIDeputy Director of Intelligence (US CIA)
DDIDon't Do It
DDIDéveloppement et Distribution Informatique (French: Information Distribution and Development; Belgium)
DDIDuke Digital Initiative (Duke University)
DDIDirect Debit Instruction
DDIDiscado Directo Internacional (Spanish: international direct dial)
DDIDiscagem Direta Internacional (Brazilian Portuguese: direct international dialing)
DDIDynamic Desktop Initiative (software; CItrix)
DDIDistressed Debt Investors
DDIDevice Dependent Interface
DDIDigital Display Indicator
DDIDesign, Develop, and Implement
DDIDouai Distribution Industrielle (French distribution company)
DDIDairy Development International, LLC
DDIData Directions Inc. (Virginia)
DDIDiagnostic Digital Imaging
DDIDeutsches Derivate Institut (German: German Derivatives Institute)
DDIData and Dimensions Interface
DDIDirector of Defense Information
DDIDartmouth Debate Institute
DDIDownwelling Diffuse Irradiance (clouds)
DDIDía de Independencia (Spanish: Independence Day)
DDIDirect Deposit Indicator
DDIDigital Data Interpreter
DDIDistilled De-Ionized (water)
DDIDigital Data Indicator
DDIDepth Deviation Indicator
DDIDuty Director for Intelligence
DDIDiscrete Data Input (NASA)
DDIDatabase Data Interchange
DDIDedicated Display Indicator (NASA)
DDIDirector Defense Information
DDIDiscrete Digital Input
DDIDummy, Drill and Inert (training ammunition)
DDIDocument Data Index (configuration management)
DDIDecoy-DECM Integration
DDIDynamic Dies, Inc. (est. 1971)
DDIDynamic Data Interchange
DDIDental Digital Imaging (dentistry)
DDIDatabase Designing Incorporated
DDIDiamond Design, Inc.
DDIDemand Display Index
DDIDirect Dial Information
DDIDaini-Denden Planning Company (Japan, now KDDI)
DDIDrivers Display Interface
DDIDigital Design Initiative
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Two lessons of the Till decision are 1) distressed debt investors beware--you may find that the bankruptcy court is no friend of yours; and 2) banks or other owners of bad mortgages may find buyers prepared to offer even less than in the past.
Six specialist distressed debt investors - Mount Kellett Capital Partners, Taconic Capital Advisers, Providence Equity Capital Markets, Anchorage Capital Group, Angelo Gordon and Eton Park International - made up the committee and have underwritten the bondholder offer and new money.
After months of wrangling in the US courts Oaktree a US-based distressed debt investors gave up its opposition to the proposal, according to Financial Times reports.
The sprawling, overextended empire of Corus Bancshares loans, many of them in Florida, is attracting interest from major distressed debt investors. Thomas Barrack, who first made his fortune in the aftermath of the savings and loan crisis; Barry Sternlicht, the man behind the Starwood empire; Jay Sugarman of iStar Financial, the public real estate giant; and New York developer Stephen Ross, sometimes called the King of Columbus Circle, in league with Lubert-Adler, a big property investor in Philadelphia, are all mentioned as possible buyers of these troubled loans and tattered projects.
Other traditional distressed debt investors had balked at the task of turning around the retailer's trade.
"Our survey identified some very large and experienced distressed debt investors sitting on piles of cash and waiting for opportunities to unfold, but almost 50 percent of our respondents were smaller investment groups allocating $100 million or less to distressed loan purchases."