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It is very logical and timely to divide the distribution authority at towns or at least zone levels.
The five new companies will be the National Petroleum Directorate; the National Petroleum Company of Nigeria; the Petroleum Inspectorate Commission; the Petroleum Products Distribution Authority; and the National Oil and Gas Assets Holding and Management Services Company.
According to Zeno Soave, CEO of Socotherm Group and Chairman of Socotherm Espana S.A., the new plant will start production shortly on two projects awarded by Enagas, the Spanish gas distribution authority: the Alcazar-Villarobledo Gasline (60 km 36-inch pipes) and the Balearic Submarine Pipeline (270 km 20-inch pipes) the first 100% Spanish offshore gas line carrying gas from the Iberian Peninsula to the Balearic Islands.
DTCI should help better define TRANSCOM's distribution authority moving forward by further implementing two of the DPO pillars--integrated distribution and execution.
The first order for an 18m truck-mounted platform, three 13m trailer mounts and one 17m trailer mount is destined for the Romanian electricity distribution authority, and a municipal authority, with both sales made through a public tender process.
30 million will go to vocational training projects (creation and extension/modernisation of some 30 training centres in tourism, textiles and IT), 110 million to the Moroccan national motorway construction company, for building the motorway section Settat-Marrakesh (completing the motorway link from Marrakech via Casablanca and Rabat to Tangier) and 30 million for the Oujda autonomous water and electricity distribution authority, RADEEO, for rehabilitating and expanding the water supply, waste water and storm water infrastructure of the medium-sized border municipality of Oujda.
Although he also controlled distributions, his distribution authority required that all partners be treated equally.
The Chief Executive of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Hassan Tampuli, and his counterpart at the Korean Petroleum Quality and Distribution Authority (K-Petro), Son Joo-Suk, have pledged their commitment to work together to promote quality petroleum products, while contributing to efforts to curb carbon emissions.
Federal secretary for water and power has informed about this decision to All Pakistan Water and Power Distribution Authority (WAPDA) hydro electric workers union delegation.
Socotherm's subsidiary, Socothern Espana S.A., has been awarded an 8 million euro contract by Enagas, the Spanish gas distribution authority. Contract terms call for the company to provide three-layer polyolefin external anti-corrosion coating (PLASTYKOTE[R]) and internal flow coating with expoxy paint (INNERKOTE[R]) on approximately 270 km of 20-inch diameter pipe that will be used to construct a link from the Iberian Peninsula to the Bealearic Islands in the Mediterranean.
." If the personal representatives had terminated their "interested party" distribution authority before filing the estate tax return, and if they had not exercised the power in favor of the housekeeper and the decedent's physician, they would have been deemed to have disclaimed that authority as of the date of death.
First Solar significantly contributed to the development of the project, which successfully secured a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO), the country%s power generation and distribution authority. First Solar co-developed the project with Jordan%s Kawar Group , and as part of its commitment to supporting additional foreign investment in the country%s renewable energy sector, it elected to divest its stake to a consortium of investors consisting of Diamond Generating Europe Ltd., a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation; Nebras Power Q.S.C., a subsidiary of the Qatar Electricity & Water Company; and the Kawar Group .
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