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DCYDistribution Calendar Year (taxes)
DCYDepartment of Culture and Youth (Botswana)
DCYDiocesan Commission on Youth
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However, if the surviving spouse is the designated beneficiary, then the applicable distribution period is measured by the surviving spouse's life expectancy using the surviving spouse's birthday for each distribution calendar year after the calendar year of the account holder's death up through the calendar year of the surviving spouse's death.
If the sole designated beneficiary is the employee's spouse, the distribution period during the employee's lifetime is the longer of (a) the uniform lifetime table, or (b) the joint and survivor life expectancy of the employee and spouse using their attained ages in the distribution calendar year. (6) As a practical matter, the joint and survivor life expectancy table will produce a longer (and thus, lower) payout only if the spouse beneficiary is more than 10 years younger than the employee.
All benefit accruals as of the last day of the first distribution calendar year must be included in the calculation of the amount of the life annuity payments for payment intervals ending on or after the employee's required beginning date.
(2) If the employee's entire accrued benefit is paid in the form of a lump sum distribution, the portion that is a required minimum distribution will be determined by treating the distribution either (1) as if it were from an individual account plan (see Q 344), or (2) as if it were an annuity that would satisfy the regulations with an annuity starting date on the first day of the distribution calendar year for which the required minimum distribution is being determined, and one year of annuity payments constitutes the required minimum distribution.
The payments to the beneficiary must commence by December 31 (distribution calendar year) of the year that follows the calendar year in which the IRA owner dies.(6) Exhibit B is an example of a case where the beneficiary is allowed to received distributions over an extended period o time.(7)
Smith becomes 70 1/2 is called his first distribution calendar year. Mr.
The calendar year in which Smith becomes 70 1/2 is called his "first distribution calendar year."
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