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K(EFF)Distribution Coefficient
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The results were expressed as distribution coefficients, which were the proportions of Ni concentrations in the specific fractions within the total Ni concentrations in soil.
Growth rate 1 mm/min 3 mm/min 5 mm/min x=0.1 (at%) Bulk Ce content 0.043 wt% 0.042 wt% - Ce in YAG 0.07 at% 0.07 at% - Distribution coefficient 0.7 0.7 - x=0.5 (at%) Bulk Ce content 0.175 wt% 0.168 wt% 0.162 wt% Ce in YAG 0.29 at% 0.28 at% 0.27 at% Distribution coefficient 0.58 0.56 0.54 x= 1.0 (at%) Bulk Ce content 0.328 wt% 0.336 wt% 0.344 wt% Ce in YAG 0.54 at% 0.56 at% 0.57 at% Distribution coefficient 0.54 0.56 0.57
Caption: Figure 7: Linear relation between distribution coefficient and EHD concentration (a) and its residual analysis (b).
The level of endogenous toxins and MM 280/254 nm distribution coefficient decreases in the same direction, whereby in the case of SCC, a decrease in this coefficient against [N.sub.0][M.sub.1] is more significant (-12.7% for AC and -34.3% for SCC).
The distribution coefficient K between wood composites and air, along with the initial formaldehyde concentration [C.sub.0s] can be obtained by linear fitting using Equation 9 and measuring the series of initial formaldehyde concentrations [C.sub.0g] and [C.sub.1g].
The distribution coefficients (Ks) were determined by ultrafiltration method using an AMICON 810 cell with a polyethersulfone membrane (MWCO 5 KDalton).
--under ionol extraction from oil isothermal conditions the extraction degree R, depends upon the distribution coefficient [K.sub.i] for ionol and volumes' ratio N, e.g.
The effects of these variations on different design parameters such as phase volume ratio ([R.sub.v]), pre-concentration factor ([f.sub.c]), efficiency ([eta]%), and distribution coefficient ([K.sub.d]) were investigated.
where [[kappa].sup.z.sub.Ex] and [[kappa].sup.z.sub.Hx] are the field distribution coefficient of the field components [E.sup.h.sub.x] and [H.sup.h.sub.z] in the slot depth, [[kappa].sup.xy.sub.Hz] is the field distribution coefficient in the cell at the slot edge, [[DELTA].sub.y], [[DELTA].sub.z] is the dimension of a cell of the main computation, [E.sup.h.sub.x], [[DELTA].sup.h.sub.x] and [[DELTA].sup.h.sub.z] are the electric field and the cell size of the local approximation, as shown in Fig.
The amount of sodium were very low in meteoric waters, due to the low distribution coefficient of sodium in the water and therefore the amount of lime will be lower in rocks affected by diagenesis [3].
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