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DHNDhanbad Junction (railway station; India)
DHNDehydration (genes)
DHNDigital Home Network
DHNDistrict Heating Network (energy)
DHNDirección de Hidrografía y Navegación (Spanish: Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation; Peru)
DHNDigestive Health & Nutrition
DHNDothan, AL, USA - Municipal (Airport Code)
DHNDistribution Haut Normande (French: Upper Normandy Distribution)
DHNDombes Hottes Nettoyage (French: Dombes Hood Cleaning)
DHNDigital Home Network (telecommunications)
DHNDeep House Network (music)
DHNDouble Helix Nebula
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with contract conclusion the task of the concession contract partner is connected to operate the existing district heating network in the city area during the contract period and to supply the final consumers in the city area with district heating.
The energy centre consists of a natural gas combined heat and power engine, heat from a waste water heat pump system, thermal stores and the back-up gas boilers for the district heating network. A heat recovery unit separates liquid and solid waste, with solid waste returning to the treatment process, and the heat - with an average temperature of between 15 degrees Centigrade to 21 degrees Centigrade - transferred from waste water to clean water.
According to Alfa Laval, these heat exchangers will be installed in a district heating network run by one of the largest district heating companies in China.
20 December 2013 - Finnish utility Fortum Oyj (HEL:FUM1V) on Friday unveiled a deal to sell its gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant and natural gas and district heating network in the town of Nokia to domestic energy firm Leppakosken Sahko Group.
The Cardiff District Heating Network, which E.ON is interested in developing, would provide cheaper, greener heating to buildings in the vicinity by replacing conventional gas heating systems.
Contract:Provider for installing a buried district heating network ("dhn") in the old marked east and west areas of bristol.
By purchasing these activities, Fortum will end up holding the entire district heating network of Tartu, it said in a press release.
Invitation to tender: Support communication ewb, expansion of district heating network bern
Contract notice: the earthwork and construction work for the construction of a district heating network in klosterneuburg ba04 incl.
the provision of heat distribution and domestic hot water in the barracks area is currently provided by the district heating network. as part of the overall renovation, the district heating network will be replaced by a low-temperature network.
Contract notice: operating contract, maintenance and major maintenance of secondary heating installations with or without domestic hot water production - district heating network grand poitiers
Contract notice: contract for a p2 + p3 maintenance contract on the secondary distribution network for heating and domestic hot water, for the sacoviv heritage connected to the district heating network
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