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DITTADefense Integrated Technics and Tactics Academy (France)
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As a result, Amiran Bibi and Ali Hamza (5) died on the spot while Allah Ditta and Noor Bibi (2) suffered injuries.
The forum had called a press conference in support of the CDA operation against an illegal housing society in Shah Allah Ditta during which the CDA claimed that it retrieved 100 kanals of land.
According to a CDA advertisement published towards the end of last year, Zone III and the Margalla Hills comprise protected ranges, forests, the hills themselves, non-acquired land between the northern side of Murree Road, and areas such as Shah Allah Ditta, Chontra, Lakhwal, Banigala, Saidpur, Malpur, Bhara Kahu, Kot Hathial and Sangjani.
We operate on public holidays and even on strikes as the influx of customers is higher on those days," Allah Ditta says.
Filipino ladies on long journeys abroad can now throw in a striking, space-saving Ditta Sandico creation into their luggage and unfold it in their destination to add a Philippine touch to formal events.
The harassment came despite the 61-year-old suddenly moving to Pakistan in 2012 after a 15-year relationship with Ms Ditta, Kirklees Magistrates' Court heard.
Of many places in the city, Shah Allah Ditta is a site where the archaeological and architectural signpost of the succeeding civilizations, over thousands of years of historic evolution are abundantly scattered and fast turning into unrecognizable heap of stones and brick masonry.
Mr Ditta was also the brains behind Bakers Tailoring - the business below Stephen's which celebrated its first anniversary on the same day.
The demands included disqualification of all those accused who had insulted, humiliated, tortured the RO and interfered in his official duties should be declared disqualified to contest election till their lives, the bails granted to those accused involved in the incident should be cancelled, all the polling stations in the Hafizabad district should be declared sensitive, appoint Army and Para-Military Forces at all the polling stations and order of the court to register a case against the RO Allah Ditta Warraich should be withdrawn.
We previously named Piran Ditta Khan as someone we want to trace.
Meanwhile, cleric Allah Ditta had appealed to the Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Inspector General (IG) Police Punjab to take notice of the incident and provide him justice.
He was buried at the Muslim cemetery in Perdiswell, Worcs, where Mr Ditta runs a volunteerbased group which manages the site.