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DVODella Valentina Office (Italian office furniture company)
DVODistributed Virtual Object
DVODependant Value Object
DVODual Vga Output
DVODigital Video Organizer
DVODigital Video Output
DVODomestic Violence Order
DVODoor Vrienden Opgericht (Dutch: Founded by Friends; Netherlands)
DVODriver, Vehicle and Operator
DVODigital Vision Optics
DVODirect View Optics
DVODynamic Variable Ordering
DVODiffusion Véhicules Occasions (French: Release Vehicles)
DVODowntown Ventura Organization (Ventura, CA)
DVODavao, Philippines - Mati (Airport Code)
DVODelaware Valley Opera
DVODéfis Voyages Organisation (French: Travel Organization Challenges)
DVODiffuse Viewing Only
DVODelaware Valley Outdoors
DVOData Voice Outlet
DVODiversity Office
DVODefense Visit Office
DVOGnoss Field in Marin County, CA (airport code)
DVODecimal Voltage Output
DVODeployed Vehicle Operations
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They announce their solidarity with this absurd self-dramatizing; they apologize on behalf of their campuses for the pain they have inflicted; they praise the students and tell them how much they have learned from them; and finally they announce huge expenditures on new diversity offices and other sops to the student activists.
We like to think that beginning a writing program in the atypical location of a diversity office is one approach.
Certification is the process by which the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO), formerly known as State Office for Minority and Women Business Assistance (SOMWBA), reviews and investigates applicants who seek to participate in affirmative business opportunities to determine that they meet the requirements of state statutes and regulations.
"Here at the major command level, we are transitioning the HRDC function to the Defense Department- and Air Force-mandated AFRC Diversity Office," Col.
Though some might assume the diversity office is not for them, a centralized space that's featured on the admissions tour "validates that diversity does have a place in our campus life," Martin says.
Canadian Heritage took home the silver for its project 'The Leadership Factor' and Ontario Ministry of Government Services took the bronze for the OPS Diversity Office, Accessibility at Source.
More specifically, the commonwealth's Supplier Diversity Office is tasked with working alongside banks, insurance companies, and private businesses to develop seed money for the creation of new veteran-owned businesses as well as the expansion of current businesses.
I decided to write this article recently when I tapped into the speech on film, available at the school's diversity office; having watched it twice already, I perceive important positional outlooks drawn from Mr.
Gray-Walker, the company's chief diversity officer since March 2008, remains in the diversity office for her new post.
The event, which was sponsored by the college's Multicultural Awareness Club and Access and Diversity Office, was free and open to the public.
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