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DEIDale Earnhardt, Inc. (racing team)
DEIDivide et Impera (Latin maxim; game)
DEIDirected Electronics Inc.
DEIDutch East India
DEIDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion
DEIDepartamento de Engenharia Informática (Portuguese: Department of Computer Science; various universities)
DEIDirectorate for European Integration (Bosnia and Herzegovnia)
DEIDeclaration of Energy Independence (slogan)
DEIDepartment of Electronics and Information (various locations)
DEIDennis East International (home decor)
DEIDeveloping Emotional Intelligence
DEIDrop Eligible Indicator (computer networking)
DEIDéfense des Enfants International (French)
DEIDistance Education Institution (various locations)
DEIDiffraction Enhanced Imaging
DEIDesired Ending Inventory (accounting)
DEIDevon and Exeter Institution (est. 1813; UK)
DEIDistance Education Initiative (University of Edinburgh; UK)
DEIDayalbagh Educational Institute (India)
DEIDalbey Education Institute (Westminster, CO)
DEIData Exchange Interface
DEIDabney Eats It
DEIDevice Engineering Inc.
DEIDigestible Energy Intake
DEIDirect Exhaust Injection
DEIDynamic Effect Intake (Mazda)
DEIDetroit Entrepreneurship Institute, Inc.
DEIDose Equivalent Iodine
DEIDirection de l'Environnement et de l'Intervention (French: Directorate of Environment and Response; Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire)
DEIDielectric and Electrical Insulation
DEIDartnell Enterprises, Inc.
DEIDevelopment Engineering Inspection
DEIDiesel Engine Inspection
DEIDimosia Epichirisi Ilektrismou (Greek: Public Power Company)
DEIData Entry Instructions
DEIDevelopment Exchange, Incorporated
DEIData Extraction Interface
DEIDepartmento Ecuménico de Investigaciones (Ecumenical Research Department; San Jose, Costa Rica)
DEIDearmond Enterprises, Inc.
DEIDesign Engine Inspection
DEIDe Armond Enterprises, Inc.
DEIDynamic Electronic Institution
DEIDoD (Department of Defense) Enterprise Initiative (US DoD)
DEIDetection Equivalent Irradiance
DEIDoofenshmirtz Evil, Inc. (Phineas and Ferb; TV show)
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One of the oldest tricks of those who have power and want to retain it is "divide and rule" - so old, in fact, that it started in Latin as "divide et impera".
As for China, the Corridor prevents the US from expanding its influence in Southeast Asia thereby influencing the perspective dynamics of Sino-US strategic rivalry Moreover, while seeing from a geostrategic angle, Riyadh's role as an investor into the CPEC may not only assist Islamabad's development drive into Gilgit-Baltistan region but also counter India's divide et impera stratagem against the Muslim Ummah.
16+1 Cooperation is by no means a geopolitical tool that intends to "Divide et Impera"Europe
This "divide et impera" was epitomized by the colonial classification of Indian societies into different sections based on their caste, religious, linguistic and racial identities.
Divide et impera? estudia los mecanismos por medio de los cuales Carlos intento, ya desde los comienzos de la guerra, asegurarse lealtades para consolidar su dominio sobre las posesiones italianas.
Two years later, Lord Elphinstone, the British governor of Bombay, claimed that "'Divide et Impera' was the old Roman maxim, and it should be ours." There are many stories, which show the cooperation between Hindu and Muslim communities in pre-colonial times.
To avoid commitment and to maximize the divide et impera asymmetry of separate bilateral talks between China and each Southeast Asian claimant, Beijing calls the discussions with ASEAN "consultations," not "negotiations."
The test of our moral and intellectual mettle is to keep our eyes on the ball and not be distracted by any curved ball that seeks only to reassert the old Roman imperial dictum: Divide et Impera: Divide and Conquer!
Una de las maximas de la historia cita: Divide et impera y fue utilizada por personajes como Julio Cesar en la antigua Roma o el emperador corso Napoleon Bonaparte.
(6) Many had long assumed that Moscow undertook this process to combat the specter of pan-Turkism, according to the classical tactic of divide et impera. However, this was not the case.
Reinhardt, Uwe (2012), "Divide et Impera: Protecting the Growth of Health Care Incomes (Costs)," Health Economics 21: 41-54.