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DEQDistributions Évangéliques du Québec, Inc. (French: Distributions of Quebec Evangelicals, Inc.; Canada)
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The net proceeds from the sale of the Subscription Receipts (the 'Escrowed Funds') will be held in escrow by Computershare Trust Company of Canada, as escrow agent in accordance with the subscription receipt agreement and invested as set forth in the subscription receipt agreement, provided that Dividend Equivalent Payments may be made from the Escrowed Funds and the interest credited or received thereon from time to time, as described above.
At Brighton on Wednesday the Andrew Balding-trained If had a starting price of 8-13 but remarkably paid a dividend equivalent to 5-2 - a massive difference.
The company said it would pay a final dividend equivalent to 12 pence per share, taking the total for the year to 18 pence, an increase of almost 6 percent on 2011.
"The Dh10 is not a contribution but a forced savings for your future, which earns a yearly dividend equivalent to 4.13 per cent.
Therefore, it becomes the inherent right of the shareholders to receive a minimum tax-free dividend equivalent to Kibore plus 5 per cent.
Bank of Sharjah has approved the distribution of 12 per cent cash dividend equivalent to Dh240 million ($65.4 million) and 5 per cent bonus issue equivalent to Dh100 million.
Specifically, section 884(a) imposes a thirty percent tax on a foreign corporation's dividend equivalent amount, (36) that is, the U.S.
Earnings per share were reduced in the quarter by USD 1.15 per share representing dividend equivalent payments made during the quarter.
In addition, while the Subscription Receipts remain outstanding, holders will be entitled to receive cash payments (Dividend Equivalent Payments) per Subscription Receipt that are equal to, and will be paid on the same date as, dividends declared by TransCanada on each Common Share.
The General Assembly endorsed the recommendation of NBK's Board of Directors to distribute a cash dividend equivalent to 30 percent of the nominal value of the share (30 fils per share) and bonus shares by 5 percent (5 shares for every 100 shares) to shareholders.
trade or business by the close of the foreign corporation's tax year, or that are disinvested in a later year (dividend equivalent amount).