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DDTDichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (insecticide; CAS Number 50-29-3)
DDTDirection Départementale des Territoires (French: Departmental Territories)
DDTDossier de Diagnostic Technique (French sales surveys)
DDTDramatic Dream Team (professional wrestling promotion; Japan; also seen as D2T)
DDTDark Dirigible Titan
DDTDon't Do That
DDTDistributed Debugging Tool (Allinea)
DDTDividend Distribution Tax
DDTDivision of Diabetes Translation (CDC)
DDTDocumento Di Trasporto (Italian)
DDTDisk to Disk to Tape (data preservation)
DDTDeflagration to Detonation Transition
DDTDirection de la Dynamique Territoriale (French: Directorate of Territorial Dynamics)
DDTDesign Development Test
DDTDynamic Debugging Tool
DDTDynamic Debugging Technique
DDTDEC Debugging Tape
DDTDigital Distribution Taskforce (record label)
DDTDue Diligence Team (various organizations)
DDTDamien's Dinner Time (pro wrestling move)
DDTDewey Defeats Truman (band)
DDTDrop Dead Twice
DDTDiamond Dude Turbo (Yu-Gi-Oh card game)
DDTDigital Diagnostic Tester
DDTDefine Device Trigger (GPIB Command)
DDTDirect Drive Turntable
DDTDistortion Detection Technology (Peavey)
DDTDigital Data Transmitter
DDTDesign, Development, and Test
DDTData Description Table
DDTDamn Devastating Terror (pro wrestling move)
DDTDifferential Die-away Technique
DDTDifferential Dieaway Technique
DDTDesi Dance Teams (dance coalition)
DDTDependence Detection Table
DDTDrop Dead Thread (forum)
DDTDyadic Decision Tree
DDTDangerous Dudes on Tour (Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer gaming clan)
DDTDistributed Decision-aid Tool
DDTDetailed Design Tool
DDTDownsized Deployable Terminal
DDTDivine Dance Troupe (UK)
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Equity mutual funds, however, do not pay dividend distribution tax.
It also shows the changes in dividend distribution tax for the period of 23 years.
More recently in 2007 the government has increased dividend distribution tax from 12.
Dividends from companies and mutual funds***Dividend tax free, but dividend distribution tax on dividends from companies and non-equity funds.
Recently the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has proposed relaxations in debt raising norms, foreign direct investment and dividend distribution tax.
While shareholders pay no tax on dividends received, the corporation must pay a dividend distribution tax of about 17 percent upon distributing the dividend.
New Delhi: The finance ministry may consider taxing dividend in the hands of shareholders and do away with the dividend distribution tax (DDT) in the Budget to be unveiled on February 1, EY India said on Monday.
He also abolished the dividend distribution tax (DDT), while reducing the minimum alternate tax (MAT) to 9 per cent from 18.
It has also decided to perceive the distribution of 50 per cent of the sale consideration as cut down by applicable capital gains tax and dividend distribution tax, as a special dividend, at the first board meeting after the completion of the proposed transaction.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley proposed an additional ` 50,000 deduction on interest on loans for first- time home buyers and tax incentives on development of affordable housing, besides exempting real estate investment trusts ( REITs) from dividend distribution tax.
While this will not impact equity funds as there is no dividend distribution tax (DDT) on dividends declared by equity funds, it will affect debt-oriented funds.
The high number of extensions also reflects the losing interest of investors due to reasons including global economic slowdown and imposition of minimum alternate tax (MAT) and dividend distribution tax (DDT) on these zones.