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DRPDisaster Recovery Plan
DRPDegrees of Reading Power
DRPDivision of Radiation Protection
DRPDynamic Routing Protocol (computer protocol)
DRPDispute Resolution Panel (tax dispute resolution body; India)
DRPDividend Reinvestment Plan
DRPDirect Repair Program
DRPDynamically Reconfigurable Processor (NEC Electronics)
DRPDynamic Route Planning
DRPDigital Remaster Processing
DRPDynamic Regulating Program
DRPDistribution and Replication Protocol
DRPDispute Resolution Policy
DRPData Link Reconcile Pending
DRPDynamic Rear Proportioning
DRPData Recovery Procedure
DRPDirector Response Protocol
DRPDistribution Resource Planning
DRPDistribution Requirements Planning
DRPDr. Pepper
DRPDanube Regional Project (UNEP/GEF)
DRPDistributed Route Processor (Cisco)
DRPDanube River Protection
DRPDisaster Response Program (various locations)
DRPDeficit Reduction Plan (finance)
DRPDeutsche Reichspartei (German Empire Party)
DRPDispute Resolution Program (legal term)
DRPDebt Relief Plan
DRPDefault Risk Premium (finance)
DRPDividend Reinvestment Program
DRPDrug-Related Problem
DRPDihydropyrimidinase-Related Protein
DRPDisc Replacement Program (Microsoft)
DRPDigital RF Processor (Texas Instruments)
DRPDistribution and Replication Protocol (HTTP)
DRPData Recovery Plan
DRPDesign Review Panel
DRPDECnet Routing Protocol (DEC)
DRPDECnet Routing Protocol
DRPDharavi Redevelopment Project (India)
DRPDispersion Relation Preserving (scheme)
DRPDélégation Régionale Paritaire (Dutch: Joint Regional Delegation)
DRPDebt Reduction Planner
DRPDisease Reduction Programme (UK)
DRPDrainage Rhino-Pharyngé (French: Nose and Throat Drainage)
DRPDisclosure Reporting Page
DRPData Resources Program
DRPDirector Response Protocol (Cisco)
DRPDredging Research Program
DRPDay Rehabilitation Program (St. Christopher's Inn; New York)
DRPDeutsches Reichspatent (German Patent)
DRPDeutsche Reichspost (German mail system prior to 1948)
DRPDeveloper Readiness Program (Barone, Budge & Dominick Pty Ltd; South Africa)
DRPDigital Resource Planning (Twofish Elements)
DRPDésencombrement Rhino Pharyngé (French: Decluttering Rhino Pharyngeal)
DRPDetroit Radiant Products
DRPDead Reckoning Plotter (US Navy)
DRPDithered Relative Prime
DRPDarfur Rehabilitation Project (Newark, NJ)
DRPDead Reckoning Position (aviation)
DRPDeep Reconnaissance Platoon (US Marine Corps)
DRPDual Redundant Power
DRPDesign Review Program
DRPDesignated Repair Point
DRPDummy Ripcord Pull (parachuting, skydiving)
DRPDirect Requisitioning Procedure
DRPDefect Rectification Period
DRPDirectory Replication Protocol
DRPDemand Requirements Planning (inventory management)
DRPDynamic Route Planning (intelligent transportation systems)
DRPDesignated Rework Point (US Navy NAVAIR)
DRPDepot Refit Period
DRPDesign Review Package
DRPDrone Recovery Platform
DRPData Record/Playback CSCI
DRPDegraded Routing Protocol
DRPDual Recovery Program (treatment alternative to incarceration)
DRPDivision of Revenues Process (Bellcore)
DRPDetailed Review Plan
DRPDraft Requirements Package
DRPDisplay Request Panel
DRPDoctor of Religious Philosophy (degree; various universities)
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Dividend reinvestment plans offer companies an opportunity to raise equity financing without directly using the primary market.
29 May 2014 - New Jersey US-based mortgage REIT Zais Financial Corp (NYSE: ZFC) said it has adopted a dividend reinvestment plan which became effective with the company's filing of its form S-3 registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 28 2014.
We have adopted a Dividend Reinvestment Plan ("DRIP") that provides for reinvestment of our distributions on behalf of our stockholders, unless a stockholder elects to receive cash.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 27, 2014--Blackstone Mortgage Trust launches stock purchase, dividend reinvestment plan
One of the easiest and most affordable ways to build an investment portfolio is through a program called the dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP).
In addition, the company offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan eligible to common stock shareholders.
This will be the twelfth cash dividend that is subject to Banc of California's Dividend Reinvestment Plan.
For the purposes of the quarterly dividend, the company has elected to issue common shares under the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) through treasury at a 3% discount to the Average Market Price.
This will be the eleventh cash dividend that is subject to Banc of California's dividend reinvestment plan.
A This is a common quandary investors face when they own individual stocks through a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) or direct stock purchase plan (DSP).