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DRVDirection de la Recherche et de la Valorisation (French: Department of Research and Valorisation)
DRVDemocratic Republic of Vietnam
DRVDarunavir (pharmaceutical drug-HIV treatment)
DRVDevice Driver (file name extension)
DRVDouay-Rheims Version (religious text)
DRVData Retention Voltage
DRVDouble Regulating Valve
DRVDietary Reference Value (nutrition)
DRVDriver File
DRVDevice Driver
DRVDaily Reference Value
DRVDiyala River Valley (Iraq)
DRVDirection des Ressources Vivantes (French: Direction of Living Resources, fisheries)
DRVDébit de Réfrigérant Variable (French: Variable Refrigerant Flow)
DRVDépartement Ressources Vivantes (French: Living Resources Department; research)
DRVDeutscher Raiffeisen Verband
DRVData Recovery Vehicle
DRVInstrument Driver Application Programming Interface
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Running down the Diyala River Valley (DRV) is the pilgrim route of Highway 5, which brings Shiv'a visitors from Iran to Iraq and back throughout the year.
The weapons go from the Diyala River Valley along the Iranian border northeast of Baghdad to the southern Iraqi port of Umm Qasr on the Persian Gulf, said a U.S.
The newly established US military control over the "breadbasket" - the lush Diyala River Valley - is only the first part of a multi-prong strategy to boost numbers of Iraqi Army and police in the area and re-connect beleaguered local authorities to the provincial government and Baghdad.
As the offensive began just before dawn, armored Stryker units pushed into the fertile Northern Diyala River Valley in search of 200 insurgents with Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, the largely homegrown Sunni insurgent group which American intelligence says is foreign-led and now represents the "principal" threat to stability in Iraq.
In the Diyala River Valley, a suicide bomber killed six people and wounded 25 when he blew himself up outside a police station on Tuesday, police said.