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DJVUDjVu Format (filename extension)
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The solution from Bondi combines the DjVu rendering technology, a custom database that combines the full-text content, metadata, and other finding information with a custom user interface.
Publishers can scan past print issues or convert print issues to DjVu format from pre-press PDFs, keeping file sizes smaller than PDF or JPEG alternatives.
LizardTech Inc has introduced DjVu Workgroup, its new software designed to help medium and large sized companies more efficiently manage and deliver source-quality documents via the Internet.
LizardTech, which recently acquired AT&T's DjVU technologies and products, has provided the British National Space Centre (BNSC) with the key technology to allow the people of the U.K.
It is capable of storing virtually any type of document online (TIF, DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, DjVu, AutoCAD, etc.) and lets the user view all documents in their original format.
The most famous example is DjVu, which uses a JBIG-like algorithm to encode the mask (Bottou et al., 1998) and a decomposition algorithm that is similar to that implied by MRC, except the fact that the foreground layer encompasses the mask layer, by preserving text (letter shapes) associated with its colors (De Queiroz, 2005).
This month's release contains many useful improvements including the long awaited support for DjVu file format.