DLWCDepartment of Land and Water Conservation (NSW, Australia)
DLWCDeep Lake Water Cooling (alternative to air conditioning)
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Moreover, 9% of the total cooling area is served by DLWC system.
NOMENCLATURE DLWC = deep lake water cooling DLWS = deep lake water system CAV = constant air volume VAV = variable air volume GHG = Greenhouse Gas AHU = air handling unit HRV = heat recovery ventilator [FIGURE 9 OMITTED]
One of the coolest things about Enwave's DLWC is that Lake Ontario's water is not being drained to provide this air-conditioning service; only its coldness is being used.
Toronto's Enwave DLWC is the world's largest lake-source cooling system.
DLWC was chosen as the best alternative solution to meet the cooling requirements for RBB.
The base case simulation result was compared with the campus planning actual consumption bills for the electricity, steam, and DLWC demand for the Ryerson campus.
NSW DLWC (1999a) Soil and regolith attributes for CRA/RFA model resolution (Upper North-East and Lower North-East CRA Regions).
NSW DLWC (1999b) Soil and Regolith Attributes for CRA/RFA Model Resolution (Southern Regions).
Final report on pollutant removal by the FILTER system, during the period from November 1994 to November 1996 for GCC, DLWC and DPIE.
Department of Land and Water Conservation (DLWC) carried out an EM 34 survey.
Samples from each 0.5 m of drilling using the solid auger were analysed at the Yass Office of DLWC for texture analysis and preparation of 1:5 solutions.
Huxtable C (1995) `Rehabilitation of open cut coal mines using Australian native grasses.' (DLWC: Scone, NSW)