DMODDynamic Address Module
DMODData Modeling
DMODDigital Media on Demand (Boston, MA)
DMODDynamic Module (Microsoft)
DMODDink Smallwood Module
DMODDistributed Management of Data Laboratory (University of Ioannina; Ioannina, Greece)
DMODDrunken Masters of Doener (gaming clan)
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After evaluating the results depicted in Figure 1, it is worth emphasizing that the values of the RMSE and dmod agree with the results of the KS-L test in the sense that the Kappa (Figure 1G, H and I), GEV-mle (Figure 1A, B and C) and GEV-lmom (Figure 1D, E and F) can be used to assess the probability of occurrence of the Pre-extrem values.
The modified Willmott's index of agreement (dmod) and the square root of the mean squared error are also shown
"DMOD customized its software for eMastering enabling our clients to send and receive uncompressed digital audio files, protected by sophisticated encryption, using a simple, intuitive software interface.
The DMOD WorkSpace is the first software-only solution to simultaneously address inefficiencies in the digital production workflow and the pressing need to protect content during the B2B production process--where music tracks and film works are most vulnerable to unauthorized access.
A client-server solution that's as easy to use as e-mail, DMOD WorkSpace affords content owners greater asset control, when compared with FTP or VPN alternatives, by combining secure file transfer with media access permissions, including release and expiration dates or export to native formats.
"We are extremely pleased to announce Sterling Sound as our newest customer," said Mark Overington, president and CEO of DMOD. "On the heels of other strategic wins, this confirms that the industry is on the verge of entering a whole new era of all-digital production with secure workflow as the standard.
With a new robust Java-based architecture and added features for centralized control, simple administration, and fast, reliable distribution, the DMOD WorkSpace Gateway 2.0 provides a high-performance, scalable network environment that lets firms streamline the digital production process, lower costs, and improve project quality, while securely leveraging cost-effective distribution channels, such as the public Internet.
"DMOD has developed a powerful, yet easy to use, solution for securing the entire digital production chain all the way from the recording facility through mastering and then to manufacturing.
The DMOD WorkSpace provides this control by allowing content owners to define media access permissions--including release date, expiration date, or full export to native media--that remain with the content as it is distributed to other WorkSpace Desktops.
The DMOD WorkSpace Gateway 2.0 leverages DMOD's unique real-time encryption system that protects every piece of content "on the fly" for each individual recipient.