DNDIDrugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative
DNDIDo Not Disturb, Individual (computing)
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La herramienta no resolvera todos los desafios que resultan de la falta de datos, pero es un esfuerzo colectivo y cooperativo disenado entre los programas nacionales de control con apoyo de la OPS y la dinamizacion de organizaciones medicas y cientificas como MSF y DNDi de organizacion de la demanda, que ayudara en la planificacion de la produccion y contribuir para la disponibilidad del medicamento.
Motivated by a commitment to make antimalarial drugs available and accessible, the company and DNDi agreed on a tiered-pricing policy.
Dr Suman Rijal, director DNDi regional office, India stated that more than 20 crore people in the world are at risk of Kala-azar.
If they proved promising, the licence was purchased by DNDi on a not-for-profit basis.
Today a new oral-only treatment is being tested by DNDi in remote areas of Africa, in trials that are of international standards.
Set up to respond to the fact that essential medicines to treat many diseases that affect the world's poor are either too expensive, no longer produced, highly toxic, or ineffective, DNDi is a collaborative, non-profit research and development organization, driven by patients' needs, consisting of five public health institutions, including in Brazil, India and Kenya, the Malaysian Ministry of Health, and one humanitarian organization, working in partnership with NGOs, industry and academia.
Through its partnership with industry, academia and NGOs, DNDi has built a large R&D portfolio for African sleeping sickness, Chagas' disease, visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis, pediatric HIV, filariasis and other neglected diseases.
Monique Wasunna, Assistant Director, KEMRI, and Head, DNDi Africa.
The development of fexinidazole for the treatment of African trypanosomiasis, commonly known as "sleeping sickness", by DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative), along with Accelera, Nerviano, Italy, a business unit of Nerviano Medical Sciences (NMS), is to be honoured as one of DNDi's Success Stories of the Year.
Sinha, Scientist E, Rajendra memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRIMS), Patna, participated in the DNDi Stakeholders Meeting at New York (June 2529, 2008).
DNDi is in the process of building a portfolio that will contain a balanced mix of short-, medium-, and long-term projects targeting neglected diseases.
Established in July 2003, DNDi combines the expertise of health and research institutes from Brazil, France, India, Kenya, and Malaysia with MSF workers.