DNERDistributed National Electronic Resource (UK)
DNERDepartamento Nacional de Estradas de Rodagem (Brazil)
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Moreover, many fishermen claimed that Puerto Rico's DNER license application process was slow and that it sometimes took in excess of six months to receive their licenses.
Responsavel: Fabiano Vivacqua--Diretor-Geral do DNER.
Content models provide a framework for defining the structure, that is, the level of aggregation/granularity of learning objects, and include the SCORM Reference Model (ADL, 2004), the aggregation levels defined by the IEEE LTSC LOM standard (IEEE LTSC, 2002), the Cisco Systems RLO (Cisco Systems, 2003a,), the Learnativity content model (Wagner, 2002), the content model defined by Schluep, Ravasio, and Sissel-Guttormsen Schar (2003) for their prototype LCMS (learning content management system), and finally, the DNER & LO model (Currier & Campbell, 2005) (Figure 1).
Recovery efforts are directed through a Memorandum of Understanding among the Service, the DNER and the AZA, and are coordinated through the Puerto Rican Crested Toad Recovery Plan and the Population and Habitat Viability Analysis Working Group.
Boys doubles 18 and dner final: Will Sharp and Dominic Sutton bt Philip Givens and Christian Little 6-3 6-1.
Prior to his position at DNER, he was director of the U.
For example, a picture of a contemporary operating theater, or the carefully annotated political cartoons showing Victoria and Peel as successful mesmerists (thus demonstrating the power of the mesmerizer and the inferiority of the mesmerized subject), are exciting testimonies to her argument; whereas portraits of Dionysius Lar dner or Thomas Wakley, or even the playbill showing Charles Dickens as an actor in a private performance of Inchbald's Animal Magnetism, are of marginal interest.
According to DNER the mining sector is well placed to ride out the current global economic crisis, due to its strength in the gold and silver sectors.
Governor Acevedo Vila gave the DNER eight months to create a comprehensive management plan for the Corridor.
Initially known as the DNER (Distributed National Electronic Resource) but later renamed the JISC Information Environment (IE), the implementation of this strategy is based on a number of JISC programs that fund the development of a wide range of projects.
Telemig will be exclusively responsible for installing some sections of the network, while other parts will be installed with the help of the state railway company RFFSA; Embratel, Brazil's long-distance carrier; and the road authorities, DNER.
Army Corps of Engineers, broke ground for the Portugues-Bucana Dam in Ponce; US$247 million is being invested to protect the properties of 13,000 families in a 4,100-acre area, said DNER Secretary Javier Velez Arocho, reports Caribbean Business (April 3, 2008):