Do2Dietary Obese 2
Do2O2 (Oxygen) Delivery (pulmonary medicine)
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Probably that sharp was meant for ni' (do2), but negligence or rather hastiness generated this mistake.
Glider ID Waypoint Deployed SG579 8[degrees]N, 86[degrees]E, 30 Jun then 8[degrees]N, 85[degrees]20'E SG534 8[degrees]N, 87[degrees]E 1 Jul SG532 8[degrees]N, 88[degrees]E 2 Jul SG620 8[degrees]N, 88[degrees]54'E 3 Jul SG613 8[degrees]N, 89[degrees]06'E 4 Jul Glider ID Recovered Instrumentation SG579 20 Jul CTD, dO2, Chi, backscatter, PAR SG534 17 Jul CTD, dO2, Chi, backscatter SG532 16 Jul CTD, dO2, Chi, backscatter SG620 14 Jul CTD, dO2, Chi, backscatter SG613 15 Jul CTD, microstructure shear, and temperature TABLE 2.
Although the homogeneous oxidation of [H.sub.2]S by DO2 has been the subject of several studies (Chen and Morris, 1972; O'Brien and Birkner, 1977; Hoffmann and Lim, 1979; Steudel, 1996; Fischer et al., 1997), Herszage and dos Santos Afonso (2000) were the first who studied the heterogeneously-mediated reactions between an Fe-based oxide, hydrosulphide, and oxygen in the pH range [5-7].
DO2 = one if the institution offers undergraduate, master's and doctorate degrees, otherwise zero
Full range of independently manufactured electrochemical sensors includes: pH electrodes; conductivity cells; DO2 probes; and ion selective electrodes.
HOW TO GET THERE: Next weekend's Wightlink Holidays Dino-Break (0990 820202 - quoting code DO2) is pounds 124 for a family of two adults and two children.
The Plug'N'Go program includes two basic offerings--Plug'N'Go Applications, which can be installed on a DO2 at the customer's location, and Plug'N'Go System Solutions, which are pre-loaded at the factory and delivered to the customer as a complete system.
In the second week of observation, fish of all treatments showed a rise in the DO2 consumption inside the respirometers.
The AS/400 9402 Model DO2 is a $12,000 entry into the full range of AS/400 processors for small and growing businesses.