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2] a pesar del aumento del GC (figura 5a), lo que evidencia que la caida del DO2 en la hemodilucion es producida principalmente por la disminucion del contenido arterial de oxigeno secundario a la perdida de globulos rojos (figura 5b).
In oxic iron-free solutions, hydrosulphide is known to react homogeneously with DO2 to yield polysulphides, starting from disulphide, and oxysulphur products therefrom (Chen and Morris, 1972; Steudel, 1996):
The DO2 is available alone or as the system component of a complete Plug'N'Go System Solution, which includes pre-loaded hardware as well as system and application software.
Customers select DO2 Technologies' leading electronic invoicing platform to automate and enhance their invoice and supply chain processes.
The Plug'N'Go program includes two basic offerings--Plug'N'Go Applications, which can be installed on a DO2 at the customer's location, and Plug'N'Go System Solutions, which are pre-loaded at the factory and delivered to the customer as a complete system.
CALGARY, Canada & HOUSTON -- DO2 Technologies Inc.
Their DOl and DO2 Series is available in five models from 1.
Improved Price Reconciliation for Complex Pricing: DO2 was one of the first companies to offer price checking on non-PO invoices.
The release of OpenInvoice Finance really changes the Supply Chain Finance playing field," said Rod Munro, President and CEO, DO2 Technologies.
NAL and DO2 will begin implementation of OpenInvoice immediately to NAL's upstream and midstream operations with an anticipated "go live" date of September 2008.