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DoDDepartment of Defense (US government)
DoDDirect Outward Dial(ing)
DoDDay of Defeat (WWII half-life modification)
DoDDay out of Days (also seen as DOOD; film industry)
DoDDivision of Design (various locations)
DoDDiscoveries of the Deep (Old submarine game)
DoDDirection of Departure
DoDDay of Destruction
DoDDrag-on Dragoon (video game)
DoDDate Of Death (geneaological term)
DoDDigital On Demand
DoDDefinition of Done (software development)
DoDDrink of the Day (promotion)
DoDDereliction of Duty
DoDDepths of Darkhollow (gaming: EverQuest)
DoDDrop On Demand
DoDDepth Of Discharge
DoDDrug Overdose
DoDDate of Delivery
DoDDirector Of Development
DoDDirector of Drama (various universities)
DoDDo Or Die
DoDDate Of Discharge (US military)
DoDDvd on Demand
DoDDisplacement on Demand
DoDDigital Optical Disk
DoDDepartment of Defense
DoDDial on Demand
DoDDog on Duty
DoDDowntown Overlay District (various cities)
DoDDisplacement on Demand (automotive technology)
DoDData-Oriented Design
DoDDécor Ouest Distribution (French: Distribution Western Decor)
DoDDevelopmental Orthopedic Disease
DoDData Object Design (US Department of Energy)
DoDDebt Outstanding Disbursed
DoDDepartment of Death (Grim Fandango)
DoDDenizens of Doom (motorcycle club)
DoDDay of Doom
DoDDownstream on Demand
DoDDelorean Owners Directory (car club)
DoDDungeons of Doom (NetHack)
DoDDecade of Disturbed (band video)
DoDDealers of Death (gaming clan)
DoDDistribution on Demand
DoDDomain of Definition
DoDDomestic Object Damage
DoDDen of Demons
DoDDEM (digital elevation model) of Difference
DoDDissolved Oxygen Demand
DoDDiana of Dallas
DoDDraft on Demand
DoDDiablone (gaming clan)
DoDDriver on Demand (Linux)
DoDDomain of Doom (website)
DoDDivision of Ophthalmic Devices (Center for Devices and Radiological Health; US FDA)
DoDDepth Over Diameter (gravity fluid flow in a pipe)
DoDDance of Death (Iron Maiden album)
DoDDisciples of Divx (gaming guild)
DoDDifferential One-Way Dopple
DoDDevils of Darwin (political party)
DoDDream of Doll (Korea)
DoDDear Old Dad
DoDDied Of Disease
DoDDelivery of Deed
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At issue is the safety of DOD's electromagnetic-pulse (EMP) simulators -- facilities used to test the vulnerability of strategic military systems to EMPs.
The purpose of this study is not only to meet the requirements for DLAMP but to also serve as a case study and a how to guide for DoD ILCOs to use in supporting coalition defense partners through the FMS program.
The DMSMS site at <> contains dozens of DMSMS links, documents, and policy memos, from across DoD and the military services, including the DoD Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Guidebook (Version 1.1), a compilation of the best proactive practices from across DoD Services and agencies for managing the risk of obsolescence.
Blackstone Consulting Inc, 11726 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, 90049: DoD for Food Service Contractors (NAICS 722310) $172,000; DoD for Food Service Contractors (NAICS 722310) $404,000; TRANSPORTATION for Limited-Service Restaurants (NAICS 722211) $6,000
The directive charges the CIO, in cooperation with the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)/Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Defense (USD(C)/CFO), to develop a full and accurate accounting of DoD IT expenditures, related expenses, and performance metrics.
Recommendation: In addition to reiterating our prior recommendation regarding the need for a management plan to address deficiencies in DOD's database of domestic violence, the Secretary of Defense should direct the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness to develop an oversight framework to guide the efforts of all DOD organizations involved in preventing and treating victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse and evaluate their effectiveness.
* Transparent information on DoD funding as well as creation of tax incentives, rebates, and/or credits for PCB manufacturers that supply the DoD, will significantly renew interest and investment by US-based companies.
In the second session of the 110th Congress, Members have faced several choices regarding the DOD role in foreign assistance.
"The dual-track training will provide DoD shippers a unique and valuable opportunity to maintain functionality in their daily freight operations focusing on routine shipping practices as well as address challenges encountered by the Active and Reserve Components as they deploy," said Brad Bernard, workshop manager for SDDC Operations Support.
The R & E Portal allows every DoD program manager, planner, researcher, acquisition professional, tester, and operator find, from their desktop computer:
The draft report also noted that DOD is paying $60 million to $150 million annually in surcharges for using GSA contract vehicles, and said the money "might have been put to better use in DoD if using a DoD contracting officer had been a viable option instead of GSA."
Since the earliest use of computers, all the rigidity of process and formalized methods that the military systems engineers could muster have been applied to software projects, making them extremely rigid and well documented (e.g., DoD Standard-1467 and MIL-STD-2168).