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DC3Douglas DC3 (airliner)
DC3Device Control Three (or XOFF)
DC3Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry (National Center for Atmospheric Research; Boulder, CO)
DC3Dynamic Chassis Control Concept
DC3Destiny's Child
DC3DoD (Department of Defense) Cyber Crime Center (US DoD)
DC3Damage Controlman Third Class (Naval Rating)
DC3Discovery Channel Cranium Covers
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DFARS requires rapid reporting within 72 hours of discovery of all intrusions and any actual or potential security threats, Reports can be made online by completing the fields in the Incident Collection Form (ICF), Access to this form requires a DoD-approved medium assurance public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate, If a company does not have a PKI certificate, it may contact the DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3) for additional information, Contractors and subcontractors have an obligation to report; a subcontractor must provide the incident report number to the prime contractor.
* DOD Cyber Crime Center (DC3) Keeping You Left of Boom (USTRANSCOM Instructor)
Through USCYBERCOM, we have teamed with cyberspace law enforcement counterparts: leaders like Steve Shirley at the DoD Cyber Crime Center, and the OSI to share information on current threats and tactics as well as leverage their unique forensics expertise.