DoD IDDepartment of Defense Identification Number (US DoD)
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With the transition to using the DOD ID number in making airline reservations, officials said, scanning of ID cards is no longer required and will be eliminated soon.
One of the most immediate challenges is ensuring that this card becomes recognized worldwide as the valid DoD ID card.
Authorized the use of the DoD ID number in place of an SSN.
In addition, aggressive SSN reduction programs have made significant progress across the DON in eliminating the collection of the SSN or substituting the DoD ID number for the SSN on forms and in IT systems.
A dependent will have his or her own DoD ID number independent of the sponsor's DoD ID number.
Processing claims and paying claims submitted by these private healthcare providers to an MCSC is not considered an "internal" DoD business process for which the patient's DoD ID number may be used.
All DON business processes must meet specific criteria outlined by the DON for continued SSN use, elimination of the use of SSNs, or transition to the DoD ID number as a substitute for SSNs.
The loss or disclosure of the DoD ID number is considered low risk in conjunction with identity theft or fraud.
The instruction will provide guidelines regarding the substitution of the DoD ID number for the SSN in many DoD and DON business processes.
As an FYI, the draft policy will require most Navy business practices to use the DoD ID number: Electronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier (EDIPI) number in place of the SSN.
When the new plan is fully implemented, all individuals with a direct relationship to DoD will use a new identifier called the Electronic Data Interchange-Person Identifier (EDI-PI), hereafter referred to as the DoD identification (ID) number, to be printed on all DoD ID cards.
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