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DOLDepartment Of Labor
DOLDirectorate Of Logistics
DOLDepartment of Licensing
DOLDead on the Law
DOLDirty Old Lady
DOLDivision of Licensing (various organizations)
DOLDolce (music; sweetly, softly)
DOLDeauville St-Gatien (airport; France)
DOLDII (Defense Information Infrastructure) Online
DOLDivision of Occupational Licensing (Alaska)
DOLDiscount Off List Price
DOLData on Line
DOLDigital Optical Link
DOLDepartment of Livestock (various nations)
DOLDe Oppresso Liber (Latin: To Liberate the Opressed; gaming clan)
DOLDirect On Line (method of starting an electric motor)
DOLDivision of Labour
DOLDaily Oral Language (education)
DOLDays of Our Lives (TV soap opera)
DOLDate Of Loss (insurance)
DOLDirector of Logistics
DOLDegree of Liking (food science)
DOLDegree of Operating Leverage (accounting)
DOLDay of Life
DOLDream of Life (book and album)
DOLDay of Launch
DOLDoctor of Literature
DOLDying of Laughter
DOLDisplay Oriented Language
DOLData Object List
DOLDelta Obstruction Lighting (aircraft warning light systems)
DOLDieing of Laughter
DOLDude of Life
DOLDispersed Operating Location
DOLSaint Gatien airport, France (airport code)
DOLDirector Of Laboratories
DOLDemocracy On-Line
DOLDispersed Operations Location
DOLData Off-Loading
DOLDienst Openluchtleven (Dutch)
DOLDigital Orchid Library
DOLDeloitte Online (Collaboration Site)
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One major area of the DOL's focus has been pension plans.
This year, the DOL Office of Disability Employment Policy is focusing on apprenticeships, return-to-work programs, support for veterans with disabilities, and helping workers with autism, Acosta said.
That came on August 9, when the DOL announced in a notice of administrative action in the Thrivent litigation that it would be submitting for interagency review a proposed 18-month additional delay to the applicability dates for the BICE, Principal Transactions Exemption, and Prohibited Transaction Exemption (PTE) 84-24.
If the DOL decides on revisions, critics of the rule are hoping they'll be significant.
Just as the lawsuits were being filed, President Barack Obama followed through with his promise to veto resolutions under the Congressional Review Act passed by the House and Senate to kill DOL's rule.
By October 17, the Bobov Dol TPP may function at a capacity of up to 330 MW, according to a media statement of the Ministry of Economy and Energy.
"Everybody in Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, is encouraging the DOL to coordinate with the SEC, but these requests for comment are not being coordinated.
If these states also have MOUs with the IRS and/or DOL, employers in those states have a much greater chance of facing a broad spectrum of consequences for worker reclassification audit findings.
DOL on June 28 announced its plan to expedite the effective date of a proposed rule which would increase wages for H-2B workers by $1.23 to $9.72 per hour.
Some examples of individual prohibited transaction exemptions that the DOL has granted include
To find a local One-Stop Career Center or to access online resources to support job searches, career information, and information on education and training resources, visit or call DOL's toll-free helpline, 877-348-0502 / 877-348-0501 (TTY).
Nearing trademark status, the PMA green could have replaced the real targets, but DOL never lost sight of the good government practices furthered by the PMA.