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DOMIDigestible Organic Matter Intake
DOMIDiseases of the Most Impoverished Program (est. 2000)
DOMIDavid Oyedepo Ministries International (Ogun State, Nigeria)
DoMIDictionary of Musical Instruments (book)
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They give strength to bear the res angusta domi of arts and the beginnings of all science by inspiring us with faith.
Populus me sibilat, at mihi plaudo Ipse domi simul ac nummos contemplar in arca.
Nan Domi is a state difficult to describe with words.
Manager Steve Bruce has been forced to switch his attentions elsewhere after their bid to sign Didi Domi from Paris St Germain failed last week when the player decided to stay in France, And Sinclair is among the defenders on his check list.
Didier Domi last night denied that he had an axe to grind with Newcastle manager Sir Bobby Robson despite an unsavoury conclusion to his United career.
After the match today, Bruce will devote his weekend to attempting to follow up the loan signing, completed last night, of Lens full-back Ferdinand Coly by advancing closer to a deal to bring in Paris St Germain right-back Didier Domi.
However, Domi says reports he had "criticised" the Geordie football Godfather were off target.
Manager Steve Bruce had agreed a fee with Paris St Germain but Domi wants to stay with his French club for the time being.
Grainger admits his own future could be bleak if Domi moves to Blues and said: 'If someone does come in, then presumably the gaffer will play him, even if I am fully fit.
In his first public comments since being knocked out Thursday by the Toronto Maple Leafs' forward, Niedermayer said Domi planned the attack in retaliation for a hit from the New Jersey Devils' defenseman.
Domi jumps in his kennel trying to catch someone's eye who will offer him a home.
Leeds almost snatched victory in the dying seconds when Carragher blocked a Domi header two yards out.