DoPTDepartment of Personnel and Training (India)
DoPTdirectly observed preventive therapy
DoPTDong Project Team (South Korea)
DoPTDate of Plan Termination
DoPTDenver Occupational Privilege Tax
DoPTDeep Ocean Pressure Tank
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"You'd better mind what you do, for I'm going to 'dopt Pokey like Rose did Phebe, and then you'll have to be very good to her, you big fellows."
"'Dopt away, baby, and I'll give you a cage to keep her in, or you won't have her long, for she is getting worse than a monkey"; and Archie went back to his mates, while Aunt Jessie, foreseeing a crisis, proposed that Jamie should take his dolly home, as she was borrowed, and it was time her visit ended.
As per the DOPT notification, Jitendra Asati, a 2009-batch IES officer was appointed as OSD to the Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel Dharmendra Pradhan.
He alleged that through the DoPT and CVC, the CBI Director was removed from his office at midnight.
The letter published by the DoPT stating that the demand for an increase in pay and fitment factor does not appear to be treated as an anomaly, therefore, these do not come under the purview of the National Anomaly Committee (NAC).
It was in this context that students had gone to meet the DoPT minister at his residence on Saturday morning when the incident happened.
Recently, the DoPT has made certain amendments for grant of CCL to civilian employees, whereby the CCL granted to woman employees till now has been extended to single male government servants also.
The performance of those who have either completed 30 years in service or reach 50 years of age, whichever comes earlier, will be reviewed, according to a recent Department of Personnel and Training ( DoPT) order.
New Delhi: The government has notified new Lokpal search committee rules, giving it more freedom to recommend names for chairperson and members of the anti-corruption body outside the list provided by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT).