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DoSDepartment Of State (United States)
DoSDisk Operating System
DoSDate of Service (health insurance)
DoSDenial Of Service (attack)
DoSDepartment of Space (India)
DoSDepartment of Statistics
DoSDay of Show
DoSDensity of States
DoSDirector of Security
DoSDistribution of States
DoSDirector of Sales
DoSDivisión de Organizaciones Sociales (Spanish: Division of Social Organizations; Chile)
DoSDepartment of Surgery
DoSDivision of Safety (various locations)
DoSDepartment of Shipping (various locations)
DoSDean of Students
DoSDays of Supply (US DoD)
DoSDate Of Separation
DoSDirector of Operations and Support
DoSDaughter of Satan
DoSDirector of Emergency Services
DoSDisciplines of Study (UK)
DoSDegree of Saturation
DoSDepartment of Sanitation (New York City)
DoSDistributed Operating System
DoSDegree of Scattering
DoSDegree of Superiority (algorithm comparison)
DoSDivision of Standards (Massachusetts)
DoSDirectorate of Safety (various organizations)
DoSDeposition On Silicon
DoSDead on Scene
DoSDeclaration of Security
DoSDemocratic Opposition of Serbia
DoSDirectly Operated Stores
DoSData Overrun Status
DoSDevelopment Open Server
DoSData Output Stream
DoSDenial of Service
DoSDedicated Office System
DoSDigital Operating System
DoSDistrict Open Space (Hong Kong)
DoSDemokratska Opozicija Srbije (Democratic Opposition of Serbia; Coalition of Democratic Political Serbian Parties)
DoSDistrict of Sechelt (Canada)
DoSDirector of Ordnance Services (Australia)
DoSDistributed Object Server (Objectstream - SS7)
DoSDozing Off Soon
DoSDependents Overseas
DoSDirect Operating System
DoSDreaded Orange Spots (soapmaking, indicates soap has gone rancid)
DoSDirection des Opérations de Secours
DoSDad Over Shoulder
DoSDirector Of Operations & Support
DoSDirectionally Oriented Structures
DoSDate of Sobriety (recovery programs)
DoSDenver Orchid Society
DoSDate of Seeding
DoSDeutscher Orgon Service
DoSDaemons of Shadow (gaming)
DoSDeployed Operational State
DoSDropout Studios
DoSDistributed Open-Short (microwave theory)
DoSDenied Originating Service
DoSDivision of Operational Safety (US Atomic Energy Commission)
DoSDesignated Operator Service (SBC)
DoSDiis Omnibus Sacrum (Latin: Sacred to All the Gods, epigraphy)
DoSDementia Observation System (psychology)
DoSDeclaration of Safety
DoSDistrict Office Study
DoSData Overhead Switch (Nortel)
DoSDensité d'Occupation des Sols (French: Density Land Use; France and Canada)
DoSDirector of Study/Studies
DoSDuncan's Outdoor Shop (Bay City, Michigan)
DoSDetachable Output Stream
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Those vendors with a sizable customer base who are unable or not anxious to handle a Windows 95 investment are either trying to sell their customer list to a better capitalized competitor or just milking their DOS products for as long as they remain profitable.
DOS programs, on the other hand, are far more likely to be dissimilar in command structure, language and appearance.
The Strawberry Tree Catalog features software for data acquisition and analysis in Windows, DOS, and Macintosh formats.
AM-Tax Pro, designed for low-to-medium-volume tax preparers, is an example of how to model a user-friendly DOS interface.
GoSystem for DOS (called GoSystem 2) and GoSystem for Windows provide the comprehensive forms, national state coverage, products and features needed to meet the needs of large national practices.
Their logic was correct, but they failed to factor in the millions of users who love DOS and want to continue using it.
The process of installing Windows will be much more difficult than what we went through installing DOS.
These import/export programs can access an accounting data file on the same computer or on a backup disk from another DOS system, importing as much as the account number, description and previous and current years' balances.
Spigai, director of the engineering management program at the University of Maryland in College Park, testified that any DOS should retain applied programs and technology development.
Enter Unix, a highly flexible operating system that can replace both DOS and network software, handling any mix of mainframes and stand-alone PCs or computers and terminals on a network.
For example, instead of typing a command to launch an application program as one would on a DOS machine, a Windows or Macintosh user positions the cursor over an icon (a small graphical image on the screen that represents an application program) and clicks on it.
Loading a DOS shell for the first time is easy because the installation process usually is automatic.