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An alumnus of the Eastman School of Music, Doser received a bachelor of music degree in music education and saxophone in 1979, earning the coveted Performer's Certificate.
60 Mw (Van Dusen and Doser, 2000; FIGURA 11a) y el epicentro instrumental es dado por Van Dusen and Doser (2000) localizado aproximadamente en la linea de costa a 17 km al suroeste de la localidad de Caimanera a la cual fue asignado un valor de I=VI-VII.
The superior performance of the Delphi doser allows exhaust designers to move the SCR catalyst closer to the engine which in turn saves on CO2 as catalyst heating and light-off strategies can be reduced.
Because Bosch already supplies such regeneration technology and HC doser catalytic oxidizers, the Commission investigated competition concerns.
The system contains filter hardware, onboard doser and an electronic control unit (ECU) and is designed to provide an efficient filtration of ultrafine nanoparticulates of up to 99%.
The researcher considered Doser readings to be reliable when Tracy's, George's and the researcher's number of Doser recorded actuations matched.
Thanks to the machine's servo ice cream doser and rotary device, Yili has achieved the required capacity and considerably reduced dependence on manual labor.
Godly Letters has the heft and tenor of Perry Miller's two-volume New England Mind tomes, and, as with Miller, it is not so much that Colacurcio brings these texts to life as that he amply demonstrates that a lively, engaged intelligence can be deeply challenged and sharpened by doser and closer encounters with Puritan writing.
If they suspiciously inform you that their shoes are pink, take a doser look and belt out, in your best Steve Martin voice, "Excuuuuuse me
primary opponent Jeb Bradley--has had the effect of making more than a few Republicans dedde to play it doser to the vest.
It is true that while there have been several top-level female jockeys in the States - Julie Krone, Zoe Cadman, Mary Doser and Rosemay Homeister Jnr spring readily to mind - they have been few and far between here.