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An alumnus of the Eastman School of Music, Doser received a bachelor of music degree in music education and saxophone in 1979, earning the coveted Performer's Certificate.
It features a durable burr grinder, integrated bypass doser, self-rinse cycle and energy saving mode.
The monobloc handles plastic bottles by the neck and is composed of a rinser, doser, filler and capper.
The SCR doser (an injector with integrated high pressure pump) is mounted in the exhaust line just ahead of the SCR catalyst and injects the urea solution at 20 bar directly into the exhaust stream.
Mary, Ky., Richard Crouch, business manager, San Diego Correctional Facility, San Diego, Terrence Dickerson, assistant warden, Elizabeth Detention Center, Elizabeth, N.J., Brian Doser, chief of unit management, Silverdale Correctional Facility, Chattanooga, Tenn., Robert Kennedy, manager of R-DAP Program, Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility, Tutwiler, Miss., Elijah J.
Because Bosch already supplies such regeneration technology and HC doser catalytic oxidizers, the Commission investigated competition concerns.
The system contains filter hardware, onboard doser and an electronic control unit (ECU) and is designed to provide an efficient filtration of ultrafine nanoparticulates of up to 99%.
The researcher considered Doser readings to be reliable when Tracy's, George's and the researcher's number of Doser recorded actuations matched.
Thanks to the machine's servo ice cream doser and rotary device, Yili has achieved the required capacity and considerably reduced dependence on manual labor.
If they suspiciously inform you that their shoes are pink, take a doser look and belt out, in your best Steve Martin voice, "Excuuuuuse me!"