DOADDead or Alive: Dimensions (gaming)
DOADDirectives et Ordonnances Administratives de la Defense
DOADDepartment of Agrarian Development (Sri Lanka)
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A "very law" [low] miner might be an easy target for scorn, but which of the strutters would dare take on a Ruskin or a Carlyle?--or indeed (remembering Doad Turners intertext) a Prince Hamlet?
The Department of Agricultural Development (DOAD) which is responsible for the provision of extension services, however, has had difficulties in providing these services in an effective manner.
Tenders are invited for Prov 20m hm with led fitting lighting system on principal yard, prov lighting system in faridkot road parking with 16 m hm and tower lighting system sy pc at doad ghugiana jand sahib and sher singh wala mc sadiq distt faridkot
11) onduarde da cuoed his sede haefed tuege cyrtlas seled ne vel daem naebbende & \nsede haefed metto gelic doad [Li Lk].
Tenders are invited for Construction of kgbvnai fangri zone and distt doad
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Services Dg Sets At Doad And Repair/Maintenance Of Dg Sets At Rth And Drdl Area Of Ge (I) R&D Kanchanbagh