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DoBroDowntown Brooklyn (New York)
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E possivel observar que o T2 apresenta custo total superior aos demais tratamentos devido a maior utilizacao de adubos e sementes que sao necessarias na semeadura cruzada utilizando-se populacao de sementes e adubo em dobro.
Interessantemente, nas primeiras 24 horas as operarias escavaram similarmente entre as 4 series experimentais, nao havendo diferencas estatisticas entre elas (Padrao: 123,6g; Metade de fungo:105,2g; Dobro de fungo: 99,9g e Sem fungo: 84,2g) (ANOVA, [F.
With this excellent debut effort, Sewell, who pays the rent as lead guitarist for both mandolinist Sam Bush and Dobro whiz Jerry Douglas, has come up with something increasingly rare - a top-notch contemporary bluegrass effort that doesn't insult the intelligence.
A WORLD Newsletter reader, Linda Dobro, RN of HIV / AIDS Services of Marin County, informed us that the new Oraquick HIV test detects both HIV-1 and HIV-2.
It does not have the nasal or metallic qualities of a Dobro or National guitar and also sounds different from a standard guitar played lap-style.
Lauzon handled vocals and flute, accompanied by drummer Matthew Shawn Fleming and Renwick on acoustic guitar and dobro.
Sarah Chambers Marjean Holden Dureena Nafeel Carrie Dobro Galen Peter Woodward
Patricia Tuthill, who's been dancing for Feld since 1993, performs the solo Cherokee Rose, which, Feld says, is set to dobro music, "a beautiful and plaintive sound.
While the accordion wheezes and the mandolin trills and the dobro sighs and moans, vocalist Margo Timmins describes how her lover actually fits the family's requirements-in some ways he reminds her of her father, he's passionate like her brother said a lover should be, and so on -and then pivots the tune's refrain on the flatly sung line that runs simply, "Misguided angel,love you till I'm dead.
The alchemy of Martin's ever evocative songwriting, fiddle and banjo playing and the much extolled skills of Henry on dobro, harmonica and lap steel fuse into a wholly distinctive world sound.
Huddled round a single vintage microphone, singing intimate duets with just mountain dulcimer, Dobro and guitar, they are a folk duo that look and sound classically timeless, yet feel refreshingly unique.
Many of the homes feature spacious private terraces up to over 600 square feet, a rare offering in DoBro.