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DoBroDowntown Brooklyn (New York)
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E possivel observar que o T2 apresenta custo total superior aos demais tratamentos devido a maior utilizacao de adubos e sementes que sao necessarias na semeadura cruzada utilizando-se populacao de sementes e adubo em dobro.
O comprimento das camaras foi de 9,7 [+ or -] 5,2cm para o padrao, 7,9 [+ or -] 4,6cm para metade de fungo, 9,3 [+ or -] 3,9cm para dobro de fungo (ANOVA, F337=13,370, P < 0,001).
She won't be alone at The Studio, however, as Lindisfarne co-founder and renowned folk/roots/blues guitarist and dobro player ROD CLEMENTS is accompanying her on the tour.
It was the latter that dominated last night's set, with a black-andwhite boatered Costello playing alongside the six-strong Sugarcanes - whose members include dobro guitar maestro Jerry Douglas and Nashville Bluegrass Band fiddle player Stuart Duncan.
On the show, Aniston revealed that she was learning to sing and play a dobro for an upcoming film role, which gave the funny host to ask the actress to sing.
After tomorrow's Welsh debut at Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea, Ike Sheldon (lead vocals and guitar), Betse Ellis (fiddle), Phil Wade (dobro, mandolin banjo) and Nate Gawron (double bass) will be performing two more gigs in Wales - at Aberystwyth and Abergavenny.
>>Budite dobro!<< - >>Stac bire!<<]
The ensemble consists of acoustic guitar, Dobro, mandolin, octave mandolin, piano, strings, organ, upright bass, drums, and percussion.
The fiddle is the core instrument featured, but Economy class draws upon a wide variety of acoustic instruments from the mandolin and cittern to a Finnish bagpipe, a jaw harp, and even a dobro. A wonderful collection of original tunes grown from the fusion of individual creativity and the eclectic inspiration of jam sessions, Economy Class is a welcome addition to both personal and public library music CD shelves.
Using classic American folk instruments--including dobro, acoustic guitar and mandolin--the musicians play songs that comment on the action.
Drums and dobro is an intriguing combination, like rice pudding and pickled onions.
On tonight's show Grammy Award-winner Jerry Douglas will demonstrate his dobro skills.