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DUDuke University
DUDelhi University
DUDubrovnik, Croatia (license plate)
DUDoctor of the University
DUUniversity of Denver
DUDhaka University
DUDucks Unlimited
DUDrexel University
DUDictionary of the Underworld
DUDiplôme d'Université (French: University Diploma)
DUDemocratic Underground (website)
DUUniversity of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
DUDisplay Unit
DUDenver University
DUDual Use (Army National Guard)
DUDuquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
DUDetailed Understanding
DUDepleted Uranium
DUDeyrnas Unedig (Welsh: United Kingdom)
DUDevelopment Unit
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DUDrake University (Des Moines, Iowa)
DUDuodenal Ulcer
DUDisk Usage
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DUDisk Utility
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DUDocumento Unico
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DUDrury University
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DUDog Unit
DUDanske Universiteter (Copenhagen, Denmark)
DUDobson Units
DUDigital University
DUDigital Unit
DUDesktop Underwriter (loans and mortgages tool)
DUDaily Universe (college newspaper at BYU)
DUDiscounted Utility
DUDisk Used
DUDobson Unit(s)
DUDiesel United Ltd. (Japan)
DUDecision Unit
DUWidespread Dust (METAR obscuration)
DUDocumentation Unit
DUDaugavpils Universitate (Latvia)
DUDangerous, Undetected Failure
DUDistance Uniform (signal or signal set)
DUDiagnosis Undetermined
DUDerivative with respect to the variable U
DUDuplicator Unit
DUDiscardable Unit (logistic analyses)
DUDependable Undertaking
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This year, the ozone concentration reached a minimum over the South Pole of 136 Dobson Units on September 25-- the highest minimum seen since 1988.
Average early October values in 1986 and 1987 were 165 and 135 Dobson units, respectively; remarkably low ozone values for anywhere on earth, Komhyr said.
Balloon measurements over the South Pole recorded a value of 92 Dobson units, in good agreement with the satellite measurements, says David J.
This differs slightly from NOAA's balloon-borne ozone observations from the South Pole (102 Dobson units) because OMI measures ozone across the entire Antarctic region.
The lowest ozone concentrations above Antarctica this year measured 111 Dobson units, according to data collected by the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) on NASA's recently launched Earth Probe satellite.
By the simulated year 2020, 17 percent of all ozone is depleted globally, as assessed by a drop in Dobson Units (DU), the unit of measurement used to quantify a given concentration of ozone.
Hofmann of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colo., scientists tracking conditions at the South Pole measured ozone concentrations of 98 Dobson units last week.
In the last 2 weeks, the low recorded by researchers using the balloon instruments was 103 Dobson units of ozone -- about 10 percent more than last year at the same time, Oltmans says.
They recorded concentrations as low as 110 Dobson units (DU) in September and 120 DU in October 1958.