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This collection of documents on Irish foreign policy span the years 1948-1951, which saw the beginnings of the countryAEs first coalition government and other noteworthy events.
It is significant that it is now published by the Royal Irish Academy, which is of course also publishing the monumental series of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, to which this volume is a valuable supplement.
The growing interest in the history of Ireland's international relations is gratifying, stimulated in part by the studies undertaken by the Royal Irish Academy over the past forty years and by the recent publication of the Documents on Irish Foreign Policy.
This eighth volume in the Documents on Irish Foreign Policy series runs from August 1945, as the Second World War ends and the Department of External Affairs holds its first "Heads of Missions" conference to plan the direction of post-war foreign policy, to February 1948, as Ireland engaged with the Conference on European Economic Co-operation and the proposal of the United States for what would become the Marshall Plan.
Details of the sensitive defence talks in mid-1940 are contained in Documents On Irish Foreign Policy 1939-1941 launched last night by Foreign Minister Micheal Martin.
Details of the sensitive defence talks in mid 1940 are contained in Documents on Irish Foreign Policy 1939-1941 published last night by Dublin's Foreign Minister Micheal Martin.
VOLUME I OF Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, 1919-1922, published in 1998 by the Department of Foreign Affairs, in association with the Royal Irish Academy, could easily have shared Dean Acheson's autobiographical title, Present at the Creation.
The fifth volume in the Documents on Irish Foreign Policy series, this reference covers the development of Irish foreign policy from January 1, 1937, to September 1, 1939, and, also, it exemplifies terrific bookmaking (nice binding, quality paper, great colors).
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