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DMOTDoing My Own Thing
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In only two years I had become comfortable about doing my own thing. Modern psychology appears harmless and even Christian-like, but it brainwashes a person into thinking that there is no need for salvation from one's personal sins and that we are naturally good and able to decide right and wrong for ourselves.
I liked the idea of doing my own thing with the backing of a franchise structure.
"Once the inquest has taken place, I will feel happier about moving on and doing my own thing," he told the paper.
"I am happy doing my own thing. He inspired me because he did so much work.
'Therefore, I thought, people wouldn't know what I looked like so I could go about doing my own thing which, of course, frankly was never going to work.
He added: "I like doing my own thing, and I also like keeping the ride on the same horses.
I was doing my own thing, sneaking out the window, smoking cigarettes in the sixth grade, then smoking pot at the drive-in before classes started.
So, naturally, I thought those skills were necessary when I started doing my own thing.
''I like performing and doing my own thing. But I'm not sure about the industry at the moment."
"I know that I don't need to do anything silly and that I just need to beat James, but he is going to be up there so I need to just focus on doing my own thing.