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And I have been doing time. And now I am brought low." His voice died down to a mere breath.
Doing Time, Writing Lives follows students in a college-in-prison program that he calls Project Justice and which is situated in a Mid-West prison.
"You have to decide whether you want to spend the rest of your life doing time, or to do something with your time."
In the closing pages of Doing Time for Peace, which stands as a major contribution to the literature of conscience, Riegle writes of those she interviewed: "We must ask ourselves.
The show follows the lives of four women whose husbands or fathers are doing time for Mob-related activities.
The 41 year-old blonde who committed one of Britain's most notorious murders has been doing time at Drake Hall Women's Prison in Staffordshire - less than an hour's drive from the scene of the cold-hearted killing.
SOUTHBRIDGE - A local man is doing time for having 14 grams of heroin and three grams of crack cocaine inside a School Street apartment.
Doing Time in the Garden: Life Lessons through Prison Horticulture, by James Jiler, Oakland, Calif., New Village Press.
And from my experience, very few people are actually "rehabilitated" after doing time in prison.
Her investigation has resulted in a book of photos and interviews called Maggots in My Sweet Potatoes: Women Doing Time (Humane Exposures Publishing, 2008).
Neither of these characters poses a danger to society, although they may become so after doing time.
Collections strong in ministry resources will welcome DOING TIME: FINDING HOPE AT SAN QUENTIN.