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3 percent in 2013, as retail dollar value from craft brewers was estimated at $14.
In Q311, Manhattan below 96th Street saw 44 transactions consisting of 68 multifamily buildings with a dollar value of more than $1.
com said it was able to peg a real-world dollar value to a reward point.
The actual median dollar value of the household work performed by men, as calculated by Penn Mutual according to the respondents' self-reported hours doing household jobs.
95 billion for its large dollar value accomplishment reports for fiscal year 2009.
Larceny-theft (percent distribution and average dollar value by larceny type).
dollar value has generally fallen among all currencies.
5) Specifically, the GST trusts were to receive a dollar amount of FMV of MIL equal to the taxpayers' net remaining GST tax exemption, reduced by the dollar value of any transfer tax obligation owed by the trusts by virtue of their assumption thereof.
Arvest's dollar value was up about 3 percent as well, from $1.
First, the accumulated LIFO reserve--the difference between the dollar value of the inventory under the First-In, First Out (FIFO) accounting method and the dollar value of the LIFO-based inventory--would be subject to tax on a one-time basis.