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This handkerchief cost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, Clara," said Eudosia, deliberately and with emphasis, imitating, as near as possible, the tone of Bobbinet & Co.
Look at the one I got now, not as big as the smallest here, an' me payin' six dollars a month for it.
Of this, only three hundred dollars had to be paid down, the balance being paid at the rate of twelve dollars a month.
Two cents a word - twenty dollars a thousand; the check must be a hundred dollars.
When I entered the university, I borrowed forty dollars from him, without interest, without security, without buying a drink.
In his possession was some two hundred dollars in gold-dust, which Daylight immediately borrowed.
Furniture maker; twenty years in the city; worth ten thousand dollars, all his own earnings; a Baptist.
In Paris you pay twelve dollars a dozen for Jouvin's best kid gloves; gloves of about as good quality sell here at three or four dollars a dozen.
This was the first feeble sign that such a novelty as the telephone business could be established; and no money ever looked handsomer than this twenty dollars did to Bell, Sanders, Hubbard, and Watson.
After having given a good deal of thought to the subject, we finally had the plans drawn for a building that was estimated to cost about six thousand dollars.
A placard near by announced that they had been reduced in price from two dollars and fifty cents to one dollar and ninety-eight cents; and a young girl who stood behind the counter asked her if she wished to examine their line of silk hosiery.
For a week Wingrave pursued the same tactics, and at the end of that time he had made twenty thousand dollars.