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DOMDocument Object Model
DOMDays On Market (real estate term)
DOMDominican Republic (ISO Country code)
DOMDissolved Organic Matter
DOMDisk on Module (Flash memory module)
DOMDomenica (Italian: Sunday)
DOMDirty Old Man
DOMDirector of Marketing
DOMday of month (US DoD)
DOMDrawn Over Mandrel (metal-shaping process)
DOMDate of Manufacture
DOMDead Organic Matter (biology)
DOMDepartements d'Outremer (French: Overseas Counties)
DOMDeo Optimo Maximo (Latin: To God, Best and Greatest)
DOMDiscrete Ordinate Method
DOM4-Methyl-2,5-Dimethoxyamphetamine (psychedelic drug; aka STP)
DOMDepartment of Mysteries (Harry Potter)
DOMDirector of Membership
DOMDrinks on Me
DOMDigital Optical Module
DOMDomino Object Model (old definition)
DOMDigital Output Module
DOMDipartimenti d'Oltremare (Italian: Overseas Department)
DOMDépartment d'Outre-Mer (French Overseas Department, similar to a territory)
DOMDirectorate of Information Management (COE)
DOMDose Monitor
DOMDepartment Operations Manual (California Department of Corrections)
DOMDominica, Dominica - Melville Hal-Dom (Airport Code)
DOMDelete Operator Message (Netview command)
DOMDoctrine Organization Training
DOMDominator (archetype in the game City of Villains)
DOMDigital Ohm Meter
DOMDisk Orchestra Module (Yahama Clavinova)
DOMDirectorate of Materiel (US Army)
DOMData Only Module (Nortel)
DOMDisaster Operations Manual (FEMA)
DOMDegree of Multiprogramming
DOMData Output Message
DOMDepartmental Operations Manager
DOMDecimal Order of Magnitude
DOMDirection des Opérations de Marché (French: Branch Operations Market)
DOMDistributed Operations Master
DOMData Origin Level – Manual Input
DOMDrawn Over Metal
DOMDate of Mortgage
DOMDistant-Organ Metastasis (pathology)
DOMDescription, Operation & Maintenance
DOMDirector Of Naval Oceanography & Meteorology
DOMDirector Of Maintenance
DOMDigital Optical Monitoring
DOMDivision of Overseas Ministries
DOMDéfiscalisation Outre-Mer (French: Overseas Taxation)
DOMDepartment of Management (various organizations)
DOMDoctor of Oriental Medicine
DOMDivision of Management (various organizations)
DOMDivision of Minerals (Nevada)
DOMDental Operatory Microscope
DOMDesign Out Maintenance (engineering)
DOMDistributed Object Management
DOMDocument Object Management
DOMDate Of Marriage (geneological term)
DOMDepartment of Mathematics (various schools)
DoMDominion of Melchizedek (micronation)
DOMDecade of the Mind (conference)
DOMDistribution Organes Mécaniques (French: Distribution Powertrains)
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Dom wasn't microchipped - now a legal requirement - and was wearing no collar of identification.
During the same-day return flight following the tournament, guests will experience a plenitude of Dom Perignon P2 2000, and before landing at Palm Beach, guests will receive a personalized Dom Perignon gift.
Later, in another hideout, Dom said: "I genuinely think they don't know where we are" - not long before being tipped off that the hunt ers were closing in again - and then we saw a trailer for next week, which revealed dogs being used to track them down (maybe they could smell the booze).
Drawing on his first aid training he learned at Billingham's St Paul's school, Dom knew exactly what to do and performed abdominal thrusts - also known as Heimlich manoeuvres - on Lisa to dislodge to piece of pork scratching.
JOLY GOOD Dom on the show back in 2001 "By doing it online we had more control and more time to make sure we had it working perfectly.
Differences of opinion developed between Dom Pothier and the younger scholar, Dom Andre Mocquereau, over rhythmic signs Mocquereau wanted to introduce into the Solesmes editions; Ellis posits that the differences between the two scholars were exacerbated by a Vatican investigation of Dom Paul Delatte, Abbot at Solesmes, and Mere Cecile Bruyere (the latter was Abbess of an associated Solesmes convent located near the abbey).
Dom, full name Dominic Wood, chips in: "It's not your typical trip to the theatre.
Dom was filmed shouting loudly into the device in quiet locations such as golf courses, cinemas, and libraries - to the horror of unsuspecting onlookers.
Dom is anticipating his release, for he is ready to take over the streets of London once again
He may strut, bow-legged with hips thrust forward like a cowboy or porn star, but Dom Hemingway is mostly talk--and so is the movie that bears his name.