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DNSODomain Name Supporting Organization
DNSODomain Name Supporting Organization (ICANN)
DNSODefense Network Systems Organization
DNSODanish National Symphony Orchestra (est. 1925)
DNSODoctoral Nursing Student Organization (est. 1989)
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ICANN's board of directors has nineteen members.(242) The first of these is ICANN's CEO, who has an automatic seat on the board.(243) Next, each of three supporting organizations--the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO), the Address Supporting Organization (ASO), and the Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO)--selects three board members.(244) The supporting organizations are subsidiary ICANN bodies; according to ICANN's bylaws, each has primary authority for policy development in its area of expertise.(245) The Domain Name Supporting Organization, thus, has primary responsibility for developing policy relating to domain names; I shall discuss it in more detail below.
In late 1998, the ACM Internet Governance Committee helped found the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency (NCC) of the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO), one of ICANN'S three special advisory boards.
Markle paid for representatives from the American Library Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to attend the ICANN meeting and get involved in the non-commercial domain name holder's constituency (NCDNH) within ICANN's domain name supporting organization (DNSO).
One subgroup of the corporation is the Domain Name Supporting Organization, which has a set of 7 constituencies, including the Noncommercial Domain Name Holders Constituency (NCDNHC).
The plan adopted by ICANN at its meeting in Santiago, Chile was formed from a report published in April by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and altered slightly since then by ICANN's domain name supporting organization (DNSO), which is the body that forms domain name policy and then forwards it to the board for approval or otherwise.
The domain name supporting organization (DNSO) comprises six constituency groups and each one of those is supposed to choose three people to sit on a names council that will effectively run the DNSO.
Then came the meeting of the nascent names council of ICANN's newly-recognized domain name supporting organization (DNSO) at the end of last week, held over the phone and from which some would-be participants were unceremoniously disconnected.
On intellectual property and trademarks, Dyson explains that the white paper asked the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to look into the areas where trademarks, which it did, and the ICANN board accepted most of its findings, passing the rest on to the domain name supporting organization (DNSO), which will form policy in this area and then make recommendations to the ICANN board.
The other six constituencies that will make up ICANN's domain name supporting organization (DNSO), which presented proposals at this week's meeting, have all been recognized by the board.
The ICANN board set a lunchtime deadline for proposals from groups wishing to form one of the seven constituencies that will make up the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO): registrars, ISPs, generic top level domain (gTLD) name holders, country code TLD name holders, commercial interests, trademark holders and non-commercial domain name holders (NCDNH).
The third thread in the morning is the potentially volatile series of meetings to try and organize the seven constituency groups that will make up the domain name supporting organization (DNSO), one of the three policy-making SOs that will serve the ICANN board, as well as supply nine of its eventual 19 members.
At the forthcoming board meeting and preceding public meeting, ICANN is due to recognize seven key constituency groups within its domain name supporting organization (DNSO).