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DNSDomain Name System
DNSDomain Name Service
DNSDid Not Start (auto racing)
DNSDirect Numerical Simulation
DNSDainippon Screen (Japan)
DNSDen Nationale Scene (Norwegian: The National Scence)
DNSDid Not Show
DNSDesoxyribonukleinsäure (German: DNA)
DNSDo Not Sell
DNSDirection Nationale de la Statistique (French: National Directorate of Statistics; Guinea)
DNSDistributed Name Service
DNSData Networking System
DNSDigital Network Systems
DNSDistinguished Names
DNSDomain Name Server
DNSData Network Services
DNSDet Norske Studentersamfund (Norwegian: Norwegian Students' Society)
DNSDegree Network System (Servicemembers Opportunities College)
DNSDetermination of Non Significance
DNSDouble Neutron Stars (astronomy)
DNSDigital Network Solutions (various locations)
DNSDelaware Nature Society
DNSDirector of Nursing Services
DNSDivision of Nuclear Safety
DNSDebt-for-Nature Swap
DNSData Network Services (Richmond, Virginia)
DNSDubai National School (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
DNSDigital Nervous System
DNSData Not Shown
DNSDomain Name Server/Service
DNSDigital Natural Sound (recording studio; Germany)
DNSDo Not Stuff (electronics manufacturing)
DNSDeviated Nasal Septum
DNSDistant Network Service
DNSDefense Nuclear Security (National Nuclear Security Administration)
DNSDynamic Name Server
DNSDo Not Survey
DNSDo Not Schedule
DNSDark Northern Spring (wheat)
DNSDebt Negotiation Services (Boynton Beach, FL)
DNSDo Not Substitute (pharmacy directive)
DNSDaily Nutritional Support (health supplement)
DNSDirector, Navy Staff
DNSDefense National Stockpile
DNSDevoir Non Surveillé (French: Need Not Supervise)
DNSDepartment of Nuclear Safety (FEMA)
DNSDecca Navigator System (RadioNavigation-Commission of Irish Lights)
DNSDoppler Navigation System
DNSDen Norske Studentersangforening
DNSDog N Suds (drive-in restaurant)
DNSDay & Night Sight
DNSDate Not Specified
DNSDiffuse Neutron Scattering
DNSDay/Night Scope
DNSDrowning Non-Swimmer (lifeguarding)
DNSDelta Network Systems
DNSDiablo Numismatic Society
DNSDragon Naturally Speaking (voice recognition)
DNSDremel Net Solutions LLC
DNSDoppler Navigation Sensor
DNSDextrose Normal Saline
DNSDrunk 'n Stupid (band)
DNSDivision of Nutritional Services
DNSDigital Network Switch
DNSDinitrosalycilate (biochemistry)
DNSDundee Naturalists' Society (Scotland, UK)
DNSDomain Naming System
DNSDinitrosalicylic Acid
DNSDoctor of Nursing Science
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The decentralised system helps keep the system redundant and more efficient because domain name servers close to their local users can operate more quickly, he said.
Attackers flooded Akamai's domain name servers with spurious traffic, causing response times to drop sufficiently low that the majority of requests for web pages could not be delivered upon before they timed out.
Domain Name Server (DNS) - Ever wonder how your Web browser knows where to find the various URLs you type in?
Also included is an FTP and NTP system for easy file transfers, support for Perl, CGI, and FrontPage extensions, and domain name server capabilities, provided by bind 8.2.2.
* NT servers: Firewall, Domain Name Server, E-mail, Chat/Discussion server, Mac School Server, Follett library server
Needed for this design was a Domain Name Server (SGI Indy), Frame Relay (384K) connection to the Secondary Domain Name Server (contracted from West Coast Online) a modem pool, a terminal server (Livingston), and a CSU/DSU.
Many ccTLDs who run domain name server systems for their countries have been made the focus of the Directive by having their own local laws define their domain name servers as an essential digital service or critical infrastructure.
'The technical process of transmission is that the VCMs will ask for the IP address of the recipient from the Domain Name Server (DNS) so it can transmit the data.
While the hackers were able to carry out the attack, they were eventually discovered when a financial institution using the hacked NetSarang software noticed a strange pattern of domain name server (DNS) requests.
<p>D-Link Middle East & Africa, a provider of networking solutions for consumers, businesses and service providers, today announced that it has incorporated both CAPTCHA and DNSSEC into its network routers to improve security.</p><p>The company said that DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) is a suite of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) specifications which adds security to be Interneta[euro](tm)s Domain Name System (DNS) to provide assurance that the information received from a Domain Name Server is authentic.
Huawei's compact WiMAX solution addresses these issues by integrating multiple network elements including ASN-Gateway, Operations and Maintenance System, Authentication, Authorization and Accounting, Domain Name Server, and Business & Operation Support System, and helping operators to rapidly deploy an economical network while reducing their Operating Expense (OPEX) by 30%.
The result from the Whois query also provides an IP address of the registered domain name server responsible for resolving names to IP addresses for both domains.
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